Find your style
This week’s designer tip of the week is brought to you by Havenly’s style expert, Amy. She received her Bachelor of Interior Design with a Minor in Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2011. Prior to working with Havenly, Amy worked at a high end residential design firm in Orange County, CA. When not working in sunny Los Angeles, she is most likely traveling, engaged in a Netflix marathon, or at a baseball game! Here is Amy’s advice, for those who are interested in creating a gallery wall masterpiece:


“Creating a gallery wall can sometimes seem daunting, so I find that it’s easiest to break it down into a couple steps:

Plan Ahead. What size area are you wanting to cover? Are you wanting a cleaner more symmetrical look, or something more eclectic and asymmetrical? I find it’s easiest to start a couple large pieces and add smaller pieces around them.

Chose a Theme. I try and take the room style into consideration here. For a more glam room, I might incorporate black and white photos with mirrored frames or for a more eclectic feel, I like to mix and match frames and colors. 

Pick your Content. Try and incorporate pieces you actually like or seem meaningful to you. I often incorporate travel photos, pieces from my favorite artist, or something I find inspirational. 

Add Personality. Don’t limit yourself to just photos or paintings! I find that gallery walls come to life when you incorporate fun objects like small mirrors, antlers, shelves, and even dream catchers. Plus they’re a great way to fill in those awkward holes that almost always seem to arise when laying out your wall.” 

Thank you for the insider advice, Amy! Visit our Pinterest to find more gallery wall inspiration from our incredible designers, and don’t forget to tag your favorite looks with the hashtag #getdecorated!

Happy decorating,