His And Yours: Design Tips For Masculine & Feminine Aesthetics

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Published on August 15, 2016

Whether you live in a dorm room, with your significant other, or alongside 30 cats, your personal style does not have to be stifled by your living partner. Discover ways to allow your individuality to shine regardless of your living situation!

Great Design For All

Feminine at Heart

{Style Caster}

Too much pink? Try this instead…

{Style Caster}

Is your idea of home hot pink walls, a leopard print rug and a crystal chandelier? For the feminine at heart, living in a princess-worthy space does not have to repel the male gender! Here are some tips and tricks for holding true to your style… in moderation.

Think Texture, Not Color

A guaranteed way to overly sway the gender of a space is to stick to a stereotypical color scheme. Unless you are designing a nursery (and even here there is plenty of leeway!), there are no rules stating that all feminine rooms should be pink and orange and all masculine rooms must be gray and brown! Instead, think in a more subtle fashion. Let texture and pattern hint to the gender of the space. For feminine rooms, incorporate velvets and tufted linens. For masculine spaces, leathers and tweeds work beautifully (try this chair!) And for a happy compromise… think in a 1:1 ratio. Match one feminine based piece with one masculine based one. The result is a beautifully balanced space that will leave all visitors guessing as to who had the upper hand at the furniture store!

Done right, you’ll end up with spaces that appeal to everyone’s senses, like these:

{My Domaine}

{Refinery 29}

Tall, Dark & Handsome

A perfect balance of line and texture form this gender neutral bedroom!

{Greige Design}

You know you’re guilty of it! Judging a person based on their structure! “Oh, she has such a feminine figure, or “he has such a masculine jawline!” Well, the same goes for furniture. Some pieces have an innate feminine form while others scream “I belong in the man cave!” Do not neglect the signs! For feminine spaces, seek out furniture with curved legs and backs, longer legs and lots of detailing. For masculine rooms, go for pieces with simplistic form. Choose boxy silhouettes and simplistic legs. In general, men prefer straightforward, and this applies to their furniture preferences as well! And for a couple’s space… go for a streamlined sofa in a velvet fabric like this one! Design tip: Men are more sensitive to form than they are to texture!

The Brass Age

{RH Modern}

Overall, dark woods and chrome finishes are applied to masculine spaces while a pairing of white or light wood with gold accents is prevalent in feminine ones! So how do you find a happy median when choosing those cabinet pulls? Brass is making a huge comeback! It has the matte finish that masculine fans are drawn to but carries the rich aspects of gold that feminine lovers adore! So before you get caught on the security cameras fighting in the hardware aisle, give brass a try! Here is a great idea of how to work this finish into your space now!

A Space You Can Agree On

Still fighting over that media console? Let our designers intervene before the counselor has to! Book a Havenly designer today who will give your space a vibe you can both agree on!

Kyler K.
These design tips were carefully curated by Havenly designer Kyler K., who loves working with eclectic design – drawing influences from boho, mid-century and industrial styles. Every project is like a puzzle, and no two will ever turn out the same! Solve your design puzzle with Kyler!

Featured image courtesy of My Domaine.