Drink In Style: 5 Ways To Display Your Booze

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on November 6, 2015

So you’ve scored some stunning vintage glassware at your local resale shop. You’ve searched Drizly (the coolest online liquor delivery app around) and have selected the prettiest bottles of gin and tequila available. What next? Opt for any one of these home bar display techniques, and you’ll be fielding compliments on your home design skills in no time.

Style #1:  The Bar Cart


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In terms of artfully displaying your bar accoutrements, there’s almost no piece of furniture more iconic (and timeless) as the ever-present and ever-popular bar cart. In need of inspiration? Peruse the Havenly Tending Bar Pinterest Board for everything from styling ideas to cocktail recipes.

Style #2: The Wall Shelf


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Short on space? The wall shelf is the perfect out-of-the-way storage and display solution for your crystal-cut decanters and conversation-starting craft liquors. Make sure you anchor the shelf to the wall for ample support—Your glassware and bottles are heavier than they seem!

Style #3: The Tray


{Image via Design Manifest}

Low profile, low commitment. Pick a sleek tray in any style you fancy, then put it on a stand or set it atop almost any flat surface and you’ve got yourself a well-defined beautiful little bar vignette. We love this option as a stylish tray is readily available, affordable and serves as a low risk option for your home bar display needs.

Style #4: The Bookcase


{Image via HouseBeautiful}

Whether you are equipped with built-in bookshelves or a stand alone étagère, a bookcase or shelving system is the perfect backdrop for your carefully curated bar.

Style #5: The Console Table/ Chest of Drawers


{Image via grantkgibson.com }

What better way to welcome your guests than with a lovely little bar atop your entryway console table? A chest of drawers is even more practical; store away measuring cups, dish towels, plain glassware and any unsightly bottles you’d rather not put on display.

Whichever route you choose, from Mad Men Midcentury to Palm Beach Prep, keep Havenly’s “How to Style Your Bar” tips in mind. Cheers!