11 Earthy Bedroom Ideas to Help You Create a Grounded and Serene Space

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on January 23, 2024

Good news if you don’t have a green thumb: You don’t have to have a track record of keeping plants alive to design a bedroom that draws inspiration from the world of nature. In fact, there are so many earthy bedroom ideas that prove that modern organic style is far more versatile than you might imagine.

If you gravitate toward colors found in nature, shy away from “loud” patterns, and have a penchant for interesting textures (think: rattan, jute, and shearling), your style might be best described as earthy. And no, that doesn’t mean that your space has to scream “woodland lodge” or “witch’s cottage” — unless you’re into that sort of thing.

There are plenty of ways that clean, modern style can peacefully — even blissfully! — coexist with natural, organic decorative accents. Not sure where to get started? Consider these 11 earthy bedroom ideas, courtesy of Havenly design pro Kelsey Fischer.

1. Earthy bedroom ideas: Set a strong foundation

Earthy bedroom ideas

The right rug can absolutely transform your space. Just take this bedroom as all the proof you need: A patterned area rug featuring mossy green and rust gives a minimalist modern bedroom a decidedly more natural feel. Plus, it perfectly ties together warm taupe accents throughout the space.

2. Earthy bedroom ideas: Opt for natural textures

Earthy bedroom ideas

Earthy doesn’t have to equate to “crunchy granola.” With plenty of layered cream and white textiles, this bedroom errs on the luxurious side. A more rustic wooden bench at the foot of the bed provides a welcome contrast. 

3. Earthy bedroom ideas: Find the right accent hue 

Earthy bedroom ideas

Never really had a thing for green? Can’t get into terracotta? The good news is that there are plenty of colors you can choose from to make your space look calm. Navy blue — in the form of more organic-feeling textiles — may not be thought of as a traditional earth tone, but it offers just the right grounding effect.

4. Earthy bedroom ideas: Give the outdoors plenty of attention

Earthy bedroom ideas

If you’re lucky to have large windows and plenty of natural light, make the most of it! White drapes and white walls don’t distract from the outside view in this earthy bedroom. Some indoor greenery — like a small tree — adds to the effect.

5. Earthy bedroom ideas: Err on the side of eclectic

Earthy bedroom ideas

In this bedroom, a tufted headboard and a bouclé armchair say “soft glamour,” a woven bench suggests “boho,” and plaid throw pillows and a waffled throw blanket scream “cottagecore.” And yet, it all works together quite wonderfully — proof that a space is more than just the sum of its parts.

6. Earthy bedroom ideas: Bring in small bursts of color

Earthy bedroom ideas

We’ll never tire of an all-neutral-everything bedroom — but might we suggest heightening a beige-on-beige space with just a touch of marigold? Colorful sheets are a great way to bring a bit more warmth to a bright and breezy space, as this bedroom shows.

7. Earthy bedroom ideas: Play with scale and height

Earthy bedroom ideas

Proportions are so key to creating a space that feels harmonious — and scale can also be a tool you use to design a room that feels more intimate or expansive. Check out this bedroom: Not only does a built-in headboard perfectly line up with a nightstand, but it also practically blends in with a bedside lamp. The result? An earthy bedroom that’s cozy and understated. 

8. Earthy bedroom ideas: Pick and choose patterns

Earthy bedroom ideas

Pattern mixing, when done right, is a playful way to make a space feel more dynamic and interesting — but it doesn’t have to look maximalist or eclectic. Subtly striped sheets play nicely with a small pop of floral in this lowkey bedroom, giving it a down-to-earth charm.

9. Earthy bedroom ideas: Bring in an accent lamp

Earthy bedroom ideas

Never underestimate the drastic difference that the right light can make. This black and white bedroom is certainly cool and moody, but a large woven pendant lamp gives it an earthy twist. A lack of wall art — aside from the all-black walls, of course — helps it pop.

10. Earthy bedroom ideas: Take a less-is-more approach

Earthy bedroom ideas

Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have to fill every corner of your bedroom with traditional furniture. In this interior, for instance, a low-to-the-ground bed looks even more relaxed and welcoming without being flanked by nightstands. The more minimal approach lets the room’s massive window — rightfully! — get all the attention.

11. Earthy bedroom ideas: Get creative with wall hangings

Earthy bedroom ideas

Designing your space with a mix of textures will help you to create an earthy vibe — and don’t overlook your walls! A “collage” of sisal baskets and a natural wood headboard, as seen in this space, are great decorative accents that lend this space an organic appeal.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski