East Coast-y Toasty is Traditional Holiday Style, Perfectly Updated

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on November 13, 2017

Bring those old-school East Coast styles home for the holidays.

Basically, Martha Stewart 2.0

Traditional holiday style is a classic for a reason: it celebrates the products of the season (pine boughs, berries etc.) and it’s the epitome of the festive mood we all want to cultivate in our homes. Really, no holiday style roundup would be complete with a nod to the classics, which is why we’ve created the style we’re calling East Coast-y Toasty. It’s the embodiment of that old-school East Coast holiday warmth from Norman Rockwell paintings and old movies. Think Vermont ski cabin in the middle of a pine forest – fire blazing and decked out in lush greenery. Even so, traditional holiday style doesn’t have to be stuffy. We’ve rounded up our favorite products and inspiration, incorporating everything you’ve come to expect from a cheery holiday, without the less-stylish elements. The result is a modern, chic take on seasonal classics.

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A Lighter Take on Natural Classics

We love the tartan often associated with the holiday season, but too much and things start to look like Queen Elizabeth’s kilt drawer. East Coast-y Toasty pairs these classic patterns with lighter and brighter finishes to modernize the look. We were really inspired by the natural world, and the style uses plenty of snowy white, dark green, deep berry reds, and natural wood finishes. Touches of gold and brass add shine without being too over-the-top. It’s understated and simple, as if you’ve had all of your decorations for years. Fresh greenery adds depth and looks great with the brighter birch accents we’re loving for their beautiful texture. This is exactly the type of style that pairs well with white twinkly lights and hot cocoa with plenty of marshmallows! It’ll take your minimal all-white home straight to the forests of New England.

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Celebrate in Style

East Coast-y Toasty is meant to be comfortable, enveloping, and welcoming. Whether it’s a casual family board-game night or a dinner party for twelve, this style represents total entertaining ease. Your guests will appreciate your nod to tradition with classic dishware and crystal. Add shine with tea light candles and taller tapers in old-fashioned candlesticks. Drape greenery across the table and add a tartan table runner for a gorgeous spread. Don’t be afraid to mix metals–your classic silver serving pieces will still look great (especially if they’re holding a veritable holiday feast). Dress your mantle up for the occasion, too–stockings are a classic and a fun way to present party favors for your guests. Serve wine from a decanter and maybe even make s’mores over a fire. Even if your fireplace isn’t really functional, stack it full of birch logs for a festive touch that adds an interesting element in a usually dead space. If you’re really sticking to the theme, you can even ask your guests to wear their best woolly socks and sweaters. Commit to cozy!

If your celebration style is East Coast-y Toasty, you appreciate that there’s totally a time for tradition. You love this style throwback- after all, if you’re going to go full tartan, might as well do it during the holidays. Shop our picks for holiday decor items and stylish larger pieces that will look amazing in your home all year round, and don’t forget to check out our other East Coast-y Toasty entertaining tips, explore our other celebration styles, and take the quiz to make sure you’ve chosen just the right style for your season!

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