How to Create a Relaxed Easter Tablescape

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on March 25, 2021

Holidays and celebrations may have a decidedly smaller guest list this spring, but even a small gathering deserves a stunning table. 

Typically, Easter brunch is an excuse to go all out on a table set with fresh greenery, fun table linens, and kitschy decor (hello, pastel eggs!). But this year’s need for more intimate gatherings means an overdressed table might feel stifling, or even intimidating. Instead, we’re opting for a relaxed yet polished table for Easter brunch to celebrate guests or pod members with a relaxing meal that still feels celebratory. 

An Easter brunch doesn’t have to be ornate or bursting with bunny motifs to feel special. Instead, try a more laid-back approach this year that doesn’t skimp on style. Borrow these decor ideas to make the event feel cozy and special this spring.

Go Foraging

Instead of elaborate floral arrangements and over-the-top centerpieces, take on the designer recommended natural approach of foraging in your own backyard. Bring in leafy greens and pods to line your tablescape and set the tone for a casual gathering. If you’re like a lot of us where winter hasn’t gotten the hint to move on yet, pop on your face mask for a quick trip to your local market where you can gather some smaller and inexpensive bunches of florals and greens for that same “foraged” look. Not into the wild-child look of nature spread across your table? You can still get that undone and wild look (while keeping some order to the effort) by arranging loose cuttings in these beautiful vases

Let the Food Set the Mood

Don’t underestimate the beauty of the food you’re serving. Forego the cliche Easter centerpieces, and feature your beautiful bakes instead! Don’t wait until the end of the meal to share those tasty sweet treats — collect your casual cake stands and plates and “decorate” with a key-lime pie, a pear tart, charcuterie board, platter of croissants, bowls of citrus, or pitchers of mimosa!

Enjoying wine

Skip the Pastels

We’re going in opposite directions this season; either bold and bright, or neutral and monochromatic. No need to feel obligated in sticking with the expected pastels of the season. Throw it out the window. Embrace these color palette extremes with your table linens, serving dishes, or decorative accessories. We’re excited about deeper colors combined with a bright pop of yellow, poppy, or emerald. Or, try the opposite with a tablescape of whites, ivories and sandy tones.

Don't Sweat It

We get it. It’s been quite the year, and this being our first major holiday for a second time in quarantine, we really just want to be together, no matter what that looks like. Take the pressure off for a picture perfect brunch, and just focus on coming together and enjoying each other. Raise a champagne-filled glass to making it here, and celebrating a new day of Spring.

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Words by Emma Diehl