Havenly Man-uals: The 15-Minute Spring Bedroom Refresh

Time Several Hours

Budget $ $$$

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on April 7, 2016

This Havenly Man-ual is brought to you in collaboration with Frank & Oak.  Need a little help with your bachelor pad? Enter our spring style refresh giveaway by clicking here.

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Hit your spring stride without breaking a sweat. Fine – you can break a sweat (wouldn’t be much of a stride if you didn’t sweat), but you should at least avoid sweating the bed.

As the temperatures rise, so does the prospect of sleepovers. So toss those thick flannel sheets and winter bedroom comforters in the closet and prep your room for spring with this 15-minute bedroom refresh.

15-Minute Bedroom Refresh

3 Minutes: Swab The Sheet Deck

Swab the sheet deck with this 15-minute bedroom refresh

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Your old sheets are gross. Spend three minutes swapping out the old for the bold. For man sheets, seek out supple linen in shades of gray.

2 Minutes: We The Jury Find You Quilty

This spring, you are quilty as charged.


Swap out your down comforter for something less likely to overheat while you sleep. Our suggestion: A nice quilt. Quilts are versatile and simple to style. Paired with the right sheets, these bedding layers will keep you comfortable all the way through summer.

5 Minutes: Bedside Table Manners


Yes, your bedside table is a private place for you to store whatever the hell it is you like to store (you freak). But it’s also a place in your home that says a lot about who you are, and judging from what’s currently on your bedside table, you’re a freak. Toss the bottles and cans, replace with a bedside lamp and a few tidily-stacked graphic novels .

5 Minutes: Minimalism To The Max



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Spend the last 5 minutes of your spring refresh identifying one area of your bedroom to minimize. Maybe you could use a more stylish bedside storage solution, or perhaps the last piece of your spring bedroom puzzle is an elegant palm leaf print above your bed. Of course, if your mattress is still laying on the floor, we highly advise a sleek, modern bed frame as your finishing touch (duh).

Beyond The Bed

The journey from simple to suave can take time. It requires us to incorporate design into our lives in meaningful ways – and that ain’t always easy! However, if we keep our mission simple, we’ll get there. So just like our man cave comrades at Frank & Oak, we’re embracing our mission to help a generation of men live well.