5 Eclectic Living Rooms that Still Feel Cohesive

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on July 6, 2020

At it’s best, eclectic living room design feels like a touch of this and a little bit of that, bringing a room together effortlessly. At its worst, eclectic design is a hodgepodge of elements, making a room feel more like a rummage sale than a cohesive space. 

Nailing an eclectic living room means treading the line between matchy-matchy and effortlessly mixed. The trick is mixing the right elements together in the room. Take a cue from these designer-curated living rooms on how to bring a cohesive, yet eclectic feel to your space.

Whether it’s in the living room or not, an easy way to make a room feel artfully eclectic is to bring in many different textures to create a care-free but pulled together space. While this room’s decor follows a similar color scheme, primarily blues, and neutral tan—the textures tell a different story. From the tan leather sectional and dark walnut side table to woven poofs and textured throw pillows, the appearance creates visual interest in the space. By keeping colors coordinated, and focusing on texture, this living room feels layered and visually interesting, but not distracting. 

Mixing textures for eclectic design

A key to nailing an eclectic living room design is mixing the time period of pieces. At first glance, this room might feel traditional, but a closer look tells a more eclectic design story. Setting the stage for bold style with an ivory and emerald green color scheme, the space is made even more unique by the blend of design influences. The wingback chairs and floral ottoman cue classic European elegance, creating a sense of contrast with the more modern and luxe looking sofa, coffee table, and poufs. 

Mixed eras for eclectic design

Eclectic can mean a diverse and fun color palette. But, to keep the room from feeling too busy, rein in textures and design styles. In this room, sleek boldly colored velvets, from the sofa to the pillows and curtains, create a depth of color but don’t clash. Similarly, the patterned pillows and vibrant print add to the eclectic design. With design style and texture in line, you can go bold with color choices without feeling too out there. 

But, to keep the room from feeling too busy, establish your color scheme up front and incorporate accents in each tone throughout the space. In this room, the designer created a vibrant palette of greens, yellows, pinks, oranges, and the slightest hint of blue. Notice the repetition of these tones – anchoring the design in green with the sofa and reinforcing in the curtains and glass lamp. A pair of yellow pillows adds an element of consistency also featured in the artwork. Coral pinks and oranges make for a playful pop in the pillows as well as in the decor. By keeping hues balanced throughout the room, you can go bold with color choices without feeling too out there. 

Mix Colors and Patterns for Eclectic design

There’s no shame in loving trends, and capitalizing on a few can be a way to bring eclectic design into your living room. Using boldly printed wallpaper and a kitschy print, this room feels of the moment, but that in combination with simple twill chairs and classic leather sofa doesn’t make the room feel confusing. Capitalizing on a few trends brings a sense of eclectic whimsy into the room, but the timeless seating keeps the room rooted.  

Eclectic Living Room

Creating an eclectic living room is all about balance–variety in design element means consistency in another. Not sure what design works in your living room? Take Havenly’s style quiz to get started.  

Words by Emma Diehl