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Published on August 7, 2016

Your entryway is like the jacket of a good book: It showcases all of the enticing bits to come. From a family’s neutral and homey cottage to a young couple’s bright and bold modern loft, your entryway is truly telling the summarized story of your home. So make sure your entryway is telling the right story! These 5 decorating tips ought to do the trick.

5 Entryway Decorating Tips

1. Pick A Patterned Rug Or Runner

A patterned rug will really tie that entryway together!

{Preppy In Pulitzer}

A patterned rug or runner not only brings in color and vibrancy to the space, it also hides dirt that may be tracked in from outside. A colorful pattern or a bold geometric is the perfect addition to liven up your entryway.

2. Choose A Storage Piece

Unsightly keys and mail does not a gorgeous entryway make!

{Rue Mag}

A console with storage is a good way to keep mail, shoes, coats, and the rest of your life out of the way when you step in the door. You could also do a slim console or bench with baskets underneath or beside for organization of shoes and nicknacks. A clean and uncluttered entry will set the tone for the rest of your home.

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3. Add A Mirror Or Wall Art

Entryway wall art ideas for the design-savvy

{My Domaine}

A mirror or wall art is sure to make a statement in any entry way. A mirror could help reflect light, brightening up your entryway decorating scheme, while a piece of art can bring in color and pattern. You could also do a gallery wall, a mix of frames or a collection of wall decor to showcase all that’s important to you and your home.

4. Mix & Match Accessories



Layering is the key to this tip. Add accessories on your console or bench to make the space feel complete. Layer candle holders with lamps, vases with pots, pictures frames, decorative table objects etc. to share your personality. If your entryway has seating, decorative pillows with patterns or throws with a lot of texture are a good way to create a space that is warm and inviting.

5. Brighten Up The Space With Lighting


{Heather Scott Home}

In addition to its straight up eye-candy appeal, lighting paired with mirrored furniture. A light and bright space is the key to making an entryway feel beautiful.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a beautiful entryway in no time. Whether storage and organization is your top priority, or creating space that is bold and fun with art and color is more important, it is easy to make your entryway reflect who you are.

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Chelsea S.
These entryway decorating ideas were carefully curated by Havenly designer Chelsea S., who loves designing Country Cottage, Rustic and Preppy spaces. If you like Chelsea’s style, book her today and get decorated!

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