3 Home Decor Tips For A Sophisticated & Stylish Fall

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Published on November 1, 2016

Cornucopias of plenty, gourds of all shapes sizes and the classic maple leaf, emblazoned… everywhere. That’s one way to decorate for fall. Here’s another: cozy knits, warm wood tones, soft lighting and not a gourd in sight. Forget pumpkins and decorate for fall the Havenly way.

The best part of the season? It’s finally the time of year to stay in and cozy up, no excuse necessary. Decorating for fall the Havenly way is all about achieving that cozy Fall feeling with more chic alternatives than say, pumpkins. With just a few decorative accents, you can achieve those fall vibes that make it a joy to stay home and soak up the season. Here’s our guide on how to do it for any room in your home.

1. Keeping Cozy

Textiles are never such an important decor element as in the fall. The natural inclination of the season is to cozy up, making pillows, throws and poufs important in both function and style. Tweed, cashmere, wool and knit play up the texture and can dress up your bed or sofa in a way that’s unique to the season. As you shop for fall textiles, think about texture first and color second. A throw draped over the arm of your sofa serves a functional purpose, but also softens the silhouette of the sofa, making things appear more cozy and inviting.

2. Woody Accents

If there were ever a season for rustic style to shine, it’s the fall. A touch of natural wood is key in establishing that cozy fall feeling, but isn’t exclusive to rustically styled spaces. Consider a wood accent your subtle tribute to the changing natural landscape around you. Wood candle holders in modern shapes, polished wooden vases, decorative accessories or a knotty wooden tray all hint at the season. Natural wood brings in warm tones, but the material in in of itself adds an organic element that softens the appearance of man-made materials. Since styling for fall is all about amping up the warm and cozy, a little natural wood makes an impact.

3. Let There be (Warm, Soft) Light

Nothing reads cozy quite like warm, soft lighting. With it getting dark earlier in the evening, making up for that loss of natural light is a chance to utilize your overhead and accent lighting. If you’ve been thinking about updating any existing light fixtures, fall is the season to do it!

  • Light Fixtures: Chandeliers, sconces, lamps and accent lighting make an enormous impact on the ambience of your home, specifically, the light bulbs you use within these fixtures. To get a warm glow, like that of a fire, consider using incandescent bulbs, which give off an orange glow rather than a blue-hued light like that of an LED bulb. Look at the Kelvin temperature of the bulbs and look for something 2700 or less.
  • Go With the Glow: Mirrors and metallics can play a special role as you style your home for fall. Mirrors reflect light, as well as metallics, making them perfect to incorporate as you style your home to be more cozy and seasonally appropriate. Arrange your lamps or candles near a mirror on your dresser, mantle or shelving unit, all to reflect the optimum amount of light throughout your space.

Enjoy the season in the best way possible: cozied up on your sofa, enjoying the beauty of the season in your own beautiful space. As you style your home for fall, look for cozy textiles, organic textures and the power of soft, gentle lighting to get the fall feel.



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Featured image courtesy of Domino Magazine.