How To Style An Enchanting Fall Tablescape

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Published on November 2, 2016

We love a good fall tablescape. Perhaps it’s the warm hues and rich textures of a well-designed table, or maybe it’s the nostalgia of all things fall. Either way, there’s something about an enchanting tablescape that makes us yearn for a group of friends and family to share a meal with.

We’ve put together a few fall table tips to guide your decorating as you prepare to gather around your own table.

Decorating An Enchanting Fall Table

1. Consider the feelings you want to evoke

Fall Tablescape Tip: Consider the feelings you want to evoke

Choose elements that bring your desired feelings to life. In this table example, we wanted to create a cozy and traditional fall table, so we chose pieces with a lot of textures including natural elements, metallic accents and traditional warm colors like browns and oranges.

2. Remember to vary the height of your tablescape

Fall Tablescape Tip: Remember to vary the height of your tablescape

A table with just a horizontal plane isn’t as interesting as it could be. Here, we’ve included a tall centerpiece and candlesticks. Do, however, keep in mind that guests at your table will likely be engrossed in conversation, so choose those tall elements carefully. The candlesticks are thin, which won’t block views and the centerpiece is situated so that it isn’t directly in front of place settings.

3. Add something unexpected

Fall Tablescape Tip: Add something unexpected

For example, the tablecloth we’ve used here is actually a blanket. The soft knit, fringe and plaid pattern were the perfect grounding piece for the whole table. Think outside the box for that small spark or conversation piece that makes your table unique!

Set The Table With Style


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