We shared one of our recent room designs– a stylish baby boy nursery with southwestern influences– a few weeks back.  The team absolutely loved working with this particular design-savvy client and were beyond thrilled when she invited us back to design a second room for her family– a big girl bedroom for her (nearly) 3 year old daughter.

WHO:  Leslie P., art & design aficionado, Smithsonian Alum, Wife and Mother of 2 in Houston, Texas.  Tour her first Havenly room (a baby boy nursery) here.

WHERE:  A brand new craftsman-style family home in popular & artsy Houston, Texas neighborhood, the Woodland Heights.

WHAT SHE WANTED:  Leslie and her family were on the cusp of a move to their beautiful new home.  With the desire to utilize a number of items from their former household, Leslie called upon Havenly to help pull the disparate pieces together to form a more cohesive look.  She promised her daughter that this new bedroom design would honor her #1 love– the color pink.

“Our daughter’s absolutely favorite color is pink, pink, pink,” lamented Leslie.  “I’ll give it to you straight- I am NOT a pink person. Finding a way to design an almost all pink everything big girl room in a way that would delight her/not visually assault me on the daily was the greatest challenge presented going into this project.”

WHAT SHE HAD:  Leslie’s previously purchased furnishings that would be incorporated into her new design are as follows:  a pair of Lou Lou Ghost Chairs, the mustard yellow velvet tufted bench, the white + black IKEA hacked dresser, the Gray Malin photograph, and the 3 lamps featured in the design.  Being the prudent mother she is, Leslie also snagged the adorable luxe-for-less pink and white gingham bedding during a recent trip to Ikea.

WHAT SHE GOT:  Two versions of an adorable little girl’s room design…featuring the pink walls, pink bedding and other items the family already owned.

Havenly Concept #1:

A Whimsical Girls Bedroom Design by HavenlyDesign & Image via Havenly 

Havenly Concept #2:A Whimsical Girls Bedroom Design by HavenlyDesign & Image via Havenly 

A clear winner?  For us, it was Concept #1.  The introduction of this particular statement-making rug gave our client’s previously owned furnishings new life!  We decided to juxtapose the sweet pink with some tougher elements….the black iron canopy bed, the skull & horns, and the choice of blue and green as accent colors (as opposed to yellow and more pink in Concept #2’s rug).

Havenly Final Room Renderings:A Whimsical Girls Bedroom Design by Havenly

A Whimsical Girls Bedroom Design by HavenlyDesign & Images via Havenly

Leslie’s reaction?  We’re 2 for 2– she loved this design as much as her nursery!

“My favorite element in the room is the drapery. I just can’t get enough of that pom pom trim. All credit goes to our designer! Her the idea to hang four panels (as opposed to only two) to create a very full and luxurious look surprised me in the best way possible. Guests in our home are always immediately drawn to this high impact treatment of the windows.  My daughter’s favorite element in the room is her new canopy bed. I’ve joked that it is only a matter of time until she figures out I placed a pea beneath the mattress.”

 The Real Deal:  Our favorite part….a tour of the truly adorable child’s bedroom we designed with our client.  A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

A Child's Whimsical Bedroom Design ||  Havenly

Design by Havenly ||  Images by Architectural Photography Group – Houston, TX

Final Words from Leslie:  “I am thrilled we were able to seamlessly incorporate a number of pieces from my daughter’s nursery and from our personal “archives” (AKA the attic) into her big girl room.  Thanks to Shelby’s guidance I was able to step out of my comfort zone and embrace a new color palette for the room.”

Are you as smitten with her daughter’s new big girl bedroom as we are?  Tell us what you think on Instagram with the #HavenlySpaces hashtag!

xx, Alana

** Havenly is a young (fun!) interior design start-up aiming to create stunning spaces entirely over the web.  Clients pay one super low flat fee, work with a Havenly designer online and (after the usual but FUN back and forth) receive an awesome rendering of their room w/ their soon-to-be-purchased new items and their make-it-work old items in a gorgeous, cohesive look.  For more information, visit www.Havenly.com.

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