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Published on April 1, 2015

From the rich blues of the ocean to the ephemeral blues of the skies….the saturated green of malachite to the invitingly familiar shades of Central Park.    Nature often serves as the absolute best inspiration.  Today we’re featuring a Havenly client’s elegant living space that makes the colors of land and sea against a crisp white canvas look like a million bucks.

WHO: Kate F, her husband, 3 kids under the age of 6…and one huge Saint Bernard!

 WHERE: Colorado Springs, Colorado

WHAT SHE WANTED:  Our ever stylish client wanted a polished yet somewhat family friendly living space for their brand new, unfurnished home.  We had a great deal of flexibility as the client was starting from scratch.  Kate lamented that the room’s shape was a bit of a challenge….

“(The room is) long and narrow with a wall of windows and a number doorways chopping it up. I didn’t know where to begin with a layout and Havenly came up with the right mix of pieces for how we wanted to use the room as well as right scale so things would look and feel proportional for the size of the room.”

WHAT SHE GOT:  Kate’s Havenly designer offered her 2 concepts based on their initial call…..one embracing the neutral + earth tone palette with which Kate’s family was already very comfortable and one with a burst of cool blues and greens (colors they adored but weren’t yet featuring in their home).

Concept #1:

Concept 1

Concept #2:

Concept 2

 Design and Images via Havenly

Since Kate’s family den was already decorated in neutrals tans, whites and browns (a la Concept #1), we thought it might be fun to develop Concept #2 a bit further.  While she loved the patterned rug and glamorous chandelier, her husband was a little hesitant

Our daring client liked the blue and white striped chairs but thought hey, you only live once– let’s go BOLD!  Music to our design team’s ears.  These gorgeous gilded blue velvet chairs by Worlds Away are a Havenly Designer Favorite and add a dash of luxury and drama to an otherwise serene and airy composition.

After swapping out the chairs, rug, lighting, and a few other items, the Havenly designer produced a final rendering of the room as it will look when the design has been implemented.  And man, is that going to be a good day….

Final Rendering:

final 1


final 2
Design and Images via Havenly

Havenly mitigated the awkwardness of the space’s dimensions by defining different functional areas within the long and narrow room.  The fireplace coaxes conversation — the plush seating (plus tables upon which guests may rest beverages) gather around this focal feature.  The chandelier and rug mark the centerpoint.  The potted plant, console and guest chair at the back wall fill an otherwise strangely empty space and together serve as a beautiful vignette for guests to admire.

We’re absolutely in love with the final design.  The best part?  Kate and her family love it, too!

“It looks so polished and put together — something we could have never pulled off on our own. I had spent months scouring stores and websites for pieces for this space, and Havenly introduced a really fun mix of lots of things I’d never seen before…gems I either hadn’t seen or hadn’t considered on my own.”

Thank goodness for Kate’s husband– who knew he had such great home design instincts?  The wispier hues of the new rug really allow the bold blue chairs, patterned pillows and gold leafed furniture to take center stage.  Dying for the same blue velvety goodness in your home?  The Worlds Away chairs are on the pricier side.

Cameron Gold Leafed Chair- Navy ||  HavenlyCameron Gold Leafed Chair – Navy, $1690 at Clayton Gray Home

If these aren’t in the budget, consider a more cost-effective option that still employs the same luscious textile and deep moody hue.  Introduce gold-leafed or brass accents throughout the room in other ways to make up for the missing frame….

Cobble Hill Navy Velvet Tribecca Chair ||  HavenlyCobble Hill Tribecca Chair, $932 at ABC Carpet & Home

Sweep Armchair in Performance Velvet Ink Blue ||  HavenlySweep Armchair in Performance Velvet Ink Blue, $699 at West Elm

Side note: how chic do the green and white palm print pillows look amidst the assorted blue and white patterns?


“The process was as fun as the outcome. We were hoping to simply get some inspiration for a room we were struggling with, but in the end got so much more.  The initial concepts and then the final design had that polished, finished look we were hoping for– plus so many unexpected elements that really made it sing.  The design is so ‘us.’  The design fee is a small price to pay for the value they provided — and it was a blast to feel a part of the process along the way. We have happily recommended Havenly to some dear friends, too!”

We love you, too, Kate– thank you for being such a dream client.  We can’t wait to see the real room photos as everything is delivered. Stay tuned for the reveal, folks!  What is your favorite element of the room?