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Published on June 20, 2016

Floral wallpaper… Sigh. Such bold statements are not for the faint of heart. Nope, they’re for folks that aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Floral patterns are an easy way to add that pop of color, or bold design element to any space in your home. A good floral becomes a focal point, the main focus of your room. And why not? Florals are appropriate in any season and in any color wave, as a pillow pattern, fun wallpaper and even bedding. Keep reading to find out the best ways to use floral decor in your space.

1. Florals As Wallpaper


{Apartment Therapy, Anthropologie}

This bold, dramatic laundry room would make anyone want to do laundry, me included! Florals can pack a punch even in neutral colors. If you are looking for something with more color, these beautiful choices from Caitlin Wilson are just the thing! Pastel watercolor prints, bright colored florals on a darker background, the choices are endless. What is your favorite pattern?

2. The Perfect Floral Pillow

{Caitlin Wilson Design}

Throw pillows complete a room, and they offer a quick and easy way to change up the vibe of your space with just a throw of the pillow. Floral Print pillows are just as beautiful in neutral colors, as they are filled with a variety of bright and bold colors.

3. Bringing Nature Into Your Bedroom

{Country Living}

Your bedroom is your safe haven, the place you go for complete relaxation and rest. Adding a floral pop is the perfect way to bring some of the calming aspects of nature into your space. Whether it is something bright and cheery like a multicolored bedspread, or something more textural and subdued, florals are a great pattern choice for your bedspread.

4. A Bold Floral Rug


I love rugs. Rugs in the living room, bedroom, under your dining room table, I think they all make a space look and feel more complete. How to choose? A floral rug is a great addition to your space because it can have a larger scale that makes it look almost like artwork on the floor. A rug with bold colors is a statement piece, while a neutral floral pattern is classic and polished. A rug is a room decor item that I think packs the most punch for the price, completely overhauling the feel of your room.

5. Pretty Prints With Flowers


No gallery wall is complete without at least one print including flowers. With so many different floral patterns and prints out there, you could even do a full wall that is dynamic and vibrant like that shown in the image above. Florals are playful, a bit feminine, and always a way to make a space feel warm and welcoming. Florals usually make people think of good times, celebrations, thoughtfulness, the perfect vibe for your home.

Florals are an easy way to add instant cheeriness and a touch of the outdoors to your space, which should be especially helpful considering all of the summer soirees and parties you’re planning 🙂 If you feel like you need help picking the right floral for you, snag a Havenly designer today to help make your space look exactly like you have always dreamed it could look!

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Chelsea S.
These floral decorating ideas were carefully curated by Havenly designer Chelsea S., who loves designing Country Cottage, Rustic and Preppy spaces. If you like Chelsea’s style, book her today and get decorated!

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