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Oh say can you see? July 4th is here – already. And while you’re laying out that glorious backyard picnic spread, we’ve got a treat for you with our favorite patriotic looks for the summer. This gallery is our Havenly homage to the colors of our country, our favorite looks inspired by the stars & stripes.

So, how about some home inspiration with your hot dogs? Enjoy the best of the best this Independence Day, our top pick Wet Hot American styles. Feast your eyes on this Americana drama – and then get back to that BBQ.

Born (And Styled) In The USA

Rockets Red Glare

“Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring” – and nothing is more daring than red. Pull in a color pop with statement pieces like these couches and chairs, add flair with red accessories or really spice things up with a red hot accent wall. These looks are styled and bold, enough to leave you feeling totally star-spangled.

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Wild White

July 4th is a day to be out in the sunlight and fresh air – but why not bring the summer vibes inside, too? Get that crisp, fresh look in your home with these soft whites and clean lines, and you’ll be relaxing like it’s a summer holiday every day.

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The Blue & The Brave

Stave off the heat with cool colors this summer. Combine dark solids and light accents to create a look that’s both fresh and dignified – and makes you want to dive right into the blue. While using the same color palette to design a whole room can seem intimidating, the right mix of shades and eye-catching accessories make for a stunning, electric look. You’re blue a-ba-dee-a-ba-daa. Own it!

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Red, White & Styled

And when you’re feeling indecisive? You can have your pie and eat it too, with these looks that bring all the colors red, white and blue together. Bold wall colors, textured fabrics, and subtle patterns combine in these polished looks that would make even our Founding Father’s proud.

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Featured image courtesy of Rachel Halvorson