A Game Of Thrones Inspired Cozy Den

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Published on August 30, 2017

Winter is here. Ok, not really, but if you’re a fan of TV’s hottest show, Game of Thrones (and we are), winter IS here. Fresh off of the epic season finale this week, we thought it only fitting to dream up a modern day version of a place for respite from the snow… maybe Daenerys and Jon Snow’s love nest? We’re talking faux fur, winter whites, chunky knits and Scandinavian accents galore! Read on to find out how to build your perfectly curated GOT cozy den.

White on White on White

Take a cue from Dany and break out the winter whites!

Image via HBO

White doesn’t have to feel stark (pun intended)! With the right texture and tone, it can feel relaxing and inviting. Look for a variety of tones from those that feel a bit cooler to those that are warmer. Don’t be shy to add in a little ivory or beige. People often think that white and ivory won’t work together, but they absolutely will! And if you’re using a lot of white, a little variance adds a slight amount of contrast which keeps the space from feeling like a hospital room.

Layer Up

Do you ever wonder why the spend so much time outside at Winterfell? It seems like many of the conversations they have could be help indoors. It is the North, afterall. In order to do all of their plotting and white walker hunting, Jon and the rest of the Starks need serious protection from the elements. This usually appears as faux fur… layers and layers of it!

Image via HBO

Do the same in your cozy den. Find the softest and warmest textures you can. Furs, sheepskins and cowhides (all faux, of course) are the best materials for comfort. Don’t forget natural finishes as well. Lighter woods like teak and oak always warm up a space.

Light It Up

Images via HBO, Pinterest

Maybe you can’t spontaneously light fires like the Lord of Light, but a fireplace and strategically placed lights can add amazing ambiance to your space. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider an electric one, and plan your lighting scheme carefully. Layer your light by considering the function of the space and including light at all levels (overhead, eye level, and task lighting). Identify areas where natural light might need to be augmented with a lamp.


And there you have it. You, too, can create your own cozy space fit for a Queen… or a King? 

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