Design Story: A Living Room Blend Of Glam, Classic & Contemporary

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Published on August 6, 2016

Back in December of 2015, we unveiled Ashley F.’s stunning nursery. Since then, Ashley has been working with Havenly designer Ann F. to craft a stylish home for herself, her husband and their baby boy. And she’s been writing about all of it over at her blog, Style Editrix!

We’re elated to present the family’s living room design process. It was thrilling to see the space rise to Ashley’s expectations throughout the collaborative project. The finished space is truly stunning. We adore how Ann and Ashley incorporated lush lines, pops of color and masterfully-balanced patterns.

A Havenly Living Room Design Project

A Project Takes Root

Ann’s first order of business in getting this design project off the ground was to gather some background information from Ashley.

Ashley: “My husband got to design the the footprint and customization of the house… He gave it great visual appeal with the beautiful lighting cove, built-in TV, white marble fireplace, recessed lighting and speakers, so it was my job to finish off the room to high standards! I wanted something that was super glam and modern, yet really cozy and inviting since we love hanging out at home watching TV and movies on the couch.”



Living Room Concepts


Concept One

Concept Two

Ann: “For concept 1, I used most of the budget on the quality pieces such as the recliner, sofa, side tables, and large rug. I wanted to keep most things neutral and add in the pop of color on the sofa as well as the large art. For concept 2, I wanted to play with incorporating a little bit more color and metallic accents… After reading through your blog and reviewing your pictures, I think that this concept would represent you and your family the best.”


Ashley: “Hey Ann, first let me say both rooms are super chic and I love the style! Thank you for making them so cohesive. There are a few notes I wanted to give you: We should nix the Eames-like chair in concept 2 along with the gold pouf and pink chairs. The couch is cute, but definitely not one we are sold on. We aren’t a fan of the legs and the arms seem too low I think.”

Living Room Renderings


Armed with a wealth of feedback from the concept review process, Ann delivered some seriously stunning room renderings. The rendering above effortlessly blend the borders between glam, classic and contemporary styles.

The Completed Space

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