Groundhog’s Day: Design Edition

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Published on February 2, 2017

Is everyone familiar with the legendary lore of Punxsutawney Phil? When we set out to write this post we thought for sure that everyone had seen the movie Groundhog Day, but we soon found out that we might have just been dating ourselves. For those who don’t know (darned millenials…) today is the much-anticipated date of February 2nd. And today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, hundreds (thousands? dare we say more?) of people will turn out with baited breath to see Phil the groundhog determine our atmospheric fate. It’s either six more weeks of winter, or spring is on the way – and we’re praying it’s the latter.

That’s right – move over, hygge. Because in the design world, Groundhog’s Day signals a change of season. Designers know that new home decor is on the way, and we’re all itching to get our hands on a space in need of a good spring refresh. We’re crossing our fingers to see how much longer we’ll have to wait to swap out our winter decor, but even if Phil is in a contrary kind of mood today, we can all hold out hope that spring will be here eventually. If you’re the optimist type or the kind of decor enthusiast who likes to be well prepared (like us!), see how we use our top 3 tips to take the space below from cozy cool to bright and breezy. #Springvibesonly!

groundhog day design addition winter living room refresh

Think Light…

…As in lightweight, that is. Despite what the decor catalogs tell you, there’s no need to completely rehab your space every season. Instead, focus on swapping out your smaller pieces of decor. If you can lift it up and carry it out of your room with ease, consider doing just that and replacing it with something different. This includes things like pillows, artwork, curtains and small decorative objects like frames or vases.

Think Bright…

Open up the drapes and let the light shine in! When it seems like winter we’ve been constantly surrounded by grey and dark skies, a little light is just what we need. Maximize the lighting in your space with lighter colored window treatments and layered light. Add overhead lighting, table lighting and task lighting to create a bright and airy space. Even lighter material like linen or cotton drapes can make a space feel airier. You can even take it a step further and choose a few light, bright colors to replace your accessories. A little color goes a long way to breathing fresh air into your space!

Think Blooms!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a beautiful bouquet of blooms to automatically make a space feel fresh. Swap out your dormant winter plants for those that are in season, especially those varieties with fuller blooms. Blooms always add a cheerfulness and element of life to a space – choose white ones if you have a lot of color already in your room, or grab a tropical bouquet to spice up your space if you’re heavy on the neutrals!

With the addition of those three key Havenly mantras (light, bright, and blooms!) we’re left with a spring refresh that has us dreaming of the warmer weather to come. What do you think of this transformation – is it good enough to get even Punxsutawney Phil on board? And do you have any plans to give your space a facelift come springtime? Let us know in the comments!

groundhog day design addition spring living room refresh