Find your style

We started Havenly because we felt like there HAD to be an easier way to shop for your home. We weren’t designers, but rather, people just like you. Like so many of you, we wanted to come home at the end of a long day to a comfortable and well put together place, but found that the process of actually going about choosing the perfect items was harder than expected. Havenly is the answer to what we felt was a pervasive consumer pain point.

Havenly is also a small but growing business. This is my first foray into entrepreneurship, and it’s been quite the adventure. Starting a company is never easy. Growing a company is even harder. So today, we are so thrilled to announce a new milestone as we grow Havenly.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen millions of you – we’ve helped you find your perfect design style, pull together homes that combine form and function, and discover new and unique items to make your home feel like you. We’ve gratefully watched as you have hosted friends, played with family, or kicked back to watch Netflix in the rooms on which we collaborated with you. We’ve gotten incredible feedback from you on how convenient and fun the process is, and in the instances in which we somehow didn’t meet your expectations, our team worked incredibly hard to right the wrongs, and come back with more and better customer experiences.

We feel very lucky to have served so many of you, and to have created a business that is dedicated to creating a delightful experience around shopping for your home. On a personal note, I’m incredibly honored to work alongside an inspiring and energetic team that spends every day trying to make Havenly’s original vision – that everyone deserves a beautiful home – come to life for you and your families.

With this new round of funding, we’ve got some exciting things in store. We’ll be refining our core services based on your feedback, including new collaborative elements, a more robust set of product reviews, and better visualization tools to help you feel confident in your design choices. We’ll be adding to our assortment to ensure that we continue to offer you new and exciting furniture and furnishings, based on your feedback. We’ll continue growing our wonderful team to help support you along every step of your design journey.

We would love to hear from you – tell us what you want us to build! Email the amazing Havenly experience team at [email protected]


Words by Lee Mayer