Havenly Best Of: 4 Dining Rooms We Admire

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Published on December 6, 2015

Home: it’s where we go to eat. Sure, other stuff happens there, but who are we kidding – dining always has been and always will be the cornerstone of a thriving home. Yet sitting down to a meal – and the couch doesn’t count – is a rare treat in our fast-paced world. So we treasure every opportunity we get to gather around our tables with friends and family.

In honor of these nourishing interior spaces, we’ve tracked down 4 Havenly-designed dining rooms that inspire us to chow down in style.

Classic And Comfortable Elegance

Havenly Best Of: Dining Rooms

With design always on our minds, we can’t help but appreciate just how much a well-constructed dining room can enhance the mealtime experience. This classic example, with its neutral palette and classic lines is a great example of how function can contribute to the mood and personality of a room.

Warm Eclectic Charm

Havenly Best Of: Dining Rooms

This room benefits from the warmth of a hand-woven rug and funky character of bamboo chairs. The result is an eclectic ambiance that we’d be happy happy to share a meal in.

Contemporary Character

Havenly Best Of: Dining Rooms

This Havenly room design highlights what’s possible in contemporary dining spaces. We love the satisfying symmetry of the chandelier balanced by the mounted artwork and riveted chairs.

Mid-Century Nourishment
Havenly Best Of: Dining Rooms

The profiles of those Herman Miller-style chairs – and the consistently crisp lines throughout this modern dining room – offer a peak into the luxurious atmosphere that a modern space can create.

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