November always brings a slew of great holiday-focused questions. Decorating is hard, after all, and everyone wants their home to feel festive for the holiday season. Luckily, our Design Quickie designer Elyza has all of the best answers, even for your toughest questions!

Q: What are some alternatives to traditional pine garlands? I’m bored with them.

There are some truly fabulous alternates to traditional pine garlands! Oversized tassels, wooden beads, pom poms, shiny baubles, bells… these are all great alternates that look great not just for the holidays, but can be used for basically any festive occasion. For a more traditional look, another greenery option for garlands are boxwoods and magnolia leaves

Q: I don’t have a fireplace but still want to hang stockings, any ideas?

Stockings aren’t just for fireplaces! Try hanging stockings from your staircase railing or on the wall using decorative hooks. If you have a large picture window, hanging stockings in the window can be another fun way to incorporate some festive decor!

Q: I’m tired of the traditional holiday color scheme. Is there something more fresh?

We are currently crushing on the holiday colors from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target — soft blacks paired with a rich forest green, greys, and ivories. It’s a modern take on a classic wintry palette! For a more classic, yet updated look, aim for a light and bright neutral palette (think ivories, taupes, and silvery grays) with pops of silver + gold metallics.

Q: How can I make all of my random ornaments look cohesive on one tree?

A tree with different ornaments can feel cohesive and collected by grouping similarly sized ornaments together and making sure that the spacing is even. A more random assortment of ornaments also can feel more cohesive when each one has a story or special meaning behind them!

Q: I love to decorate but have a young child with curious hands. Is there a way to decorate without my hard work being ruined by a toddler?

Keep the decor to higher surfaces — like your mantle, built ins, wall mounted shelves. Keep lower surfaces like coffee tables clear of any thing that might look like a fun toy!

If you still have questions on those tricky design dilemmas, we’re always here to help!



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