Tone Home: How to Make Two Tone Color Choices

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Published on April 27, 2016

Two tone color play has become very popular in design. Possibly because of the dimension it adds to a space. Or possibly because there are so many irresistible two tone color choices out there.

Two tone color can be the use of different shades of the same hue. It can also act as a compromise if you just can’t decide between two completely different colors. The most effective (and popular) way to use Two tone color is paint, to split up a wall and add dimension to a space. We also see two tones in accessories such as pillows, rugs, and artwork.

Using Two Tone Color Choices At Home

Two Tone Neutral

Color choice ideas for home design


Two tone neutrals add dimension to a space, still allowing the furniture and other decor items to be the main focal points. Using a lighter shade on the top of the wall opens the room up and makes the ceiling look higher. Benjamin Moore has many classic neutrals to make any space look beautiful and clean.

Tones Of Bold Color Love

Painting ideas for home design.

{The Marion House}

Using Two tone color gives you the opportunity to use a bright, bold color on your wall without it being overwhelming. Many of us are afraid of painting an entire wall lime green. Never fear, with two tone color, you can still use that fun color! You can split the wall anywhere you like and get a completely different feel in the space. By using two tones in the image above, these playrooms come alive. Kids handprints are also less likely to be seen on the darker or brighter bottom hue, making happier parents.

Pillows In Tones Of Two

Interior color ideas.

{Home Designing}

These monochromatic two toned pillows are a bold statement in this living room, making a rather neutral space seem more lively. Two tone pillows can be more neutral using grays, tans and white, colorful with bright hues like citron, or even metallic. Pillows are a rather inexpensive way to bring this design element into your space.

Two Tone Rugs

{My Domaine}

Stripes are a great way to use two tones in a space. This classy striped rug makes a bold statement and brings color into a neutral space, which helps to contrast with the black and white ottoman. Two tone rugs can be patterned with monochromatic colors acting as a backdrop in a space, or with a bright color to bring in a pop.

Refined Two Tone Art

Tone Home: Making two-tone color choices in home design.

{sf girl by bay}

Two tone art can be a simple way to add style to your space without changing a lot of the decor you already own, even a simple pattern like in the image above. A geometric print in black and white creates a completely different feeling than a colored two tone print.
Two tone Colors are an easy and effective way to make a statement in your home. A simple coat of paint, a few throw pillows, a bold rug or even a couple of art prints are all ways to bring two tone color into your space. Havenly Designers are wonderful at helping you figure out just what kind of statement you want your space to make and will make navigating two tone color that much easier.

Happy decorating!

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Chelsea S.
These two tone decorating tips were brought to you by Havenly designer Chelsea S., who loves designing Country Cottage, Rustic and Preppy spaces. If you like Chelsea’s style, book her today and get decorated!

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