Havenly’s Home Goals For 2017

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Published on January 16, 2017

The new year brings in the perfect excuse to set new goals for ourselves and our home. Funny enough, your home can help you achieve your personal resolutions by creating the haven you need to be the best version of yourself. From getting organized to trying something new, make this year your best year yet with these home goals for 2017.

#HomeGoals For 2017

home goals stay organized

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1. Stay Organized and Tidy

Making sure everything has a place in your home is key to keeping every area free of clutter and visual mess. Whether this means adding storage for toys, arranging your candles on the mantle or storing extra throws in a stylish basket, knowing where a certain item “belongs” in your space makes tidying a breeze!

home goals stay seasonal

2. Keep It Seasonal

Seasonal changes in your space help you stay in synch and make your home feel fresh. Start with cozy textures and warm neutrals for winter hibernation and swap in some lighter, brighter fabrics and patterns for spring. Keep it simple in the summer to give off the laid back vibe of the season, and get back into the groove of warmth in autumn with earth-tone furs and velvets. Seasonal home goals are the perfect way to regularly update your space without breaking the bank.

home goals make the bed

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3. Make the Bed Every Day

What’s better? Crawling into a cozy, made-up bed at the end of a long, hard day or crawling into a messy, chaotic bed that leaves you rummaging through the layers of bedding trying to find the top sheet? Making the bed in the morning sets you up for success and also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day! Having a simple bedding setup (i.e. No more than 3 throw pillows) makes this task much easier.

home goals try something new

4. Try Something New

Do something out of the ordinary in your home to throw off the status quo of your existing style. The best evolution of style is done naturally and while stepping outside your comfort zone. Paint your walls a dramatic color, install that wacky chandelier you’ve been dreaming of or go bold with wallpaper in your powder room.

home goals relax

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5. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

In reality, no home decision will be the end of the world. Have fun with it and trust your instinct to create a whimsical home you love. You need not worry about perfection and the “rules” of home decor – do what speaks to you most! Chair as a bedside table? Sure! Statement photography? Definitely.

home goals invest in pieces you love

6. Invest In Your Favorite Items

Maybe you’ve been eyeing a dark navy sofa for a while but haven’t been able to pull the trigger. When your gut tells you that you really, truly love something, go for it! Any item you love that much will always be able to find a place in your home. Home goals around fabulous pieces will never be a disappointment!

#homegoals guestready

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7. Be Guest Ready

Nothing is more grown-up than feeling like you can accommodate a small gathering of friends or an out-of-town guest at the drop of a hat. Create a guest room welcome kit that you can pull out for any last-minute guest, and try to always have some party essentials on hand for a spontaneous game night with friends.

Need help getting your home goals in order for 2017? Work with a Havenly designer to achieve your home goals and get expert advice!