It happens all too often…

You’re looking through Pinterest for inspirational images and you fall in love with so many great ideas! The inspiration abounds!

So you go to some of the furniture shops that we all know and love, and then it hits you… everything looks like it came out of a catalog! “It’s beautiful stuff! Don’t get me wrong,” you say to yourself, “but it just doesn’t feel like ‘me’.”

We’re all inspired by catalogs, but none of us want our homes to look like one.

So how do you walk that delicate line between cliche style and cohesive design? How do you actually and realistically transfer the beautiful images you’ve found on Pintrest, into your actual home interior? Well folks, this is truly one of the great mysteries of interior design.

Since we’re all about making the process of interior design more accessible and fun, we took it upon ourselves to curate a few ways you can avoid that cliche style trap.

From Cliche To Cohesion: 3 Tips To Styling A Unique Home

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Mixing And Matching Patterns

Avoiding the cliche style trap

{The Zoe Report}

There’s more than one way to pull a room together. You don’t need to pick five of the same pillows for your sofa, or match the exact blue in your drapes to make a cohesive look. The key to mixing and matching effectively is to make sure that a few pieces are “talking to each other.” What we mean by this is that certain items are intentionally selected in key areas of the room that relate to one another in some way.

Typically, the common language that makes these pieces talk to one another involves following key principles of design. When we focus on these principals, we find that it’s much easier to mix and match patterns and create something more visually interesting.

2. Accessorize With Items That Are Out Of Context

Avoiding the cliche style trap in your foyer

{Places In The Home}

You don’t need a furniture store to tell you that trays, baskets, and boxes keep items orderly. Likewise, you don’t need a department store to tell you that suitcases carry your personal items when traveling.

But what if you exchanged the purpose of these items and used your imagination? For all practical purposes, suitcases are boxes. So why not use them around your house to keep other things in order?

See where we’re going with this?

Personal expression and unique design is in the details. Start looking at items in more of a generalized manner and you’ll start to realize there are many other creative ways to accessories!

3. Make Items Look Curated

How to avoid the cliche style trap

{Domaine Home}

Often times, it’s easy to identify a cliche space by the brand-spanking-new items that adorn it.

Look, Havenly most certainly understands that time can be of the essence and you really can’t afford to curate every item over time. You’re in-laws are coming to visit, or you just moved into a new place – and frankly, you need the room done. Pronto.

In this case, we like to say: “fake it ‘till you make it!”

For example, our friends over at One Kings Lane have a great selection of vintage items that will do wonders in curating a space that looks like it’s been designed over time. Take a look at some of our recommendations:

Tijeras Mirror $192

Maya Rug $399

Tripod Horn Candleholder $36

Gold Giraffe Sculptures $70

Simple Throw Pillow $88

Run Table Lamp $178

So friends, if you find yourself stuck in the that awful “cliche style gap,” and you’re wandering around with confusion, trying to pull your room together, you’ve landed in the right place! Here at Havenly, we understand this problem all too well.

Luckily for you, we have a team of talented designers waiting to help. Book your personal designer today and see how much simpler it will be curate the room you’ve always been inspired to create!

Melissa K.
These tips on avoiding the cliche style trap are brought to you by Havenly designer Melissa K. Melissa enjoys the process of working with clients to develop blissful lifestyles – one room at a time. She is keen on function and has the ability to effortlessly understand your style. She’ll help you create a space that you’ll love to call home! Book Melissa today and get decorated!  

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