How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Rug For Your Patio

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Published on May 31, 2017

There’s almost nothing we love more than patio season – except for the glass of rosé that accompanies it! One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in patios this year is creating an outdoor retreat that feels like another room from your home. In order to create this vibe, choose pieces for your patio that mimic the pieces you would choose for your living room. Things like overhead lights, curtains and coffee tables all help create a livable vibe.

Rugs are also a fantastic way to create a cozy outdoor oasis. Choosing the right rug for your patio, however, can be a bit tricky. There are so many different variables to consider, so let us guide you to the things to look for when choosing the perfect outdoor rug.

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Nature Resistant.

The climate and weather in your area can be the largest factor in selecting an outdoor rug. If you live in a hot and dry climate, look for rugs that are labeled as UV resistant. This will keep the colors from fading in the sun. Water can also be very damaging to many materials, so if you get a lot of rain (or even late season snow), be sure to find rugs that are noted to be water resistant.

The best materials for outdoor rugs include synthetic and natural fibers. Synthetic rugs are typically labeled as polypropylene. This material is almost always water resistant and can even be hosed off! Natural fibers like sisals and seagrass can also be used outside. They are extremely durable and handle wear and tear well. Take caution with moisture, however, as natural fibers can mildew if not properly dried.

Indoor Size Rules Apply.

One of the biggest design faux pas that we see is a rug that is too small for its space. Floating rugs are never a good look, so apply the same sizing rules as you would indoors. At least the front legs of each piece of furniture needs to be on the rug. Just because your rug is outside, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t serve the same purpose of grounding your space!

Keep Your Style Consistent.

Take style cues from your indoor space and apply them to your outdoor space. Does your home have a bohemian flair? Find a flat-weave rug, or one with tassels. Maybe your style is more farmhouse? A bordered sisal rug could be your best bet. Have fun with your patio, but remember that your backyard is an extension of your home, so make sure that your outdoor and indoor spaces feel connected!

Hopefully this guide will help you choose the perfect rug for your outdoor oasis! Be sure to check out our top recommendations as well!