50 Shades of Pink: How to Decorate with Any Shade of Pink

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Published on February 9, 2017

‘Tis the season for fresh cut roses, boxes of chocolate, and pink.  Lots and lots of pink.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can bet that you’re getting more than your fill of this seasonal hue, so bringing pink into your home year round might sound like a stretch. If you’re a fan of pink, but you’re not sure how to decorate with pink during the other 51 weeks of the year, we’re here to help!

Despite the strong associations of the color pink and its tendency to lean towards bubble gum or Pepto-Bismol saturation levels, pink can also be used as a neutral shade that works with nearly any metal or wood finish, any design style, and can also lend itself to many different color palettes.  At Havenly, we love incorporating pink into our homes year round, and we’ve gathered up some of our favorite products and inspiration images to show you just how versatile the color pink can be.

Make a Statement


Photo from Rue Magazine

Pink can be a surprising element of many well-designed spaces, but it’s important to pick the right shade of pink for your personal style.  For example, the shade of pink seen in the headboard in this bedroom is welcoming and warm, without being overly feminine.  We love the contrast of the formal tufted headboard with the neutral bohemian rug, and minimalistic gallery wall to create a calming bedroom with the focus on the statement making bed.

Start Small with Accents and Accessories

Living room pink

Photo from The Glitter Guide

When considering how to decorate with pink, realize that going rosy doesn’t have to result in a monochromatic arrangement. You don’t have to paint all of your walls pink, or purchasing a matching sofa and chairs set in the same pink hue.  (Although, if we did buy matching pink furniture, we’d definitely opt for this arrangement!)  If you’re afraid of commitment, start with something more temporary like draperies, pillows, accessories, or even an area rug to get comfortable with pink before jumping into a long-term relationship with the color.

How to Decorate with Pink: Keep it Subtle

pink bedroom

Photo from MyDomaine

If you’re hesitant to take the plunge with a bold and bright fuchsia tone, consider starting small with subtle blush tones instead.  Blush hues are very on trend right now, but we predict that they’ll actually make your design feel timeless rather than trendy.  Blush has a surprising way of harmonizing both the modern and historic elements of any space! 

Be Bold & Daring!

pink dining room

Photo from Domino

To create your own Pretty in Pink moment, consider adding a strong pop of pink with a statement piece of furniture or lively, abstract artwork.  The magenta dining chairs in this dining room are a great way to bring a pop of color into your space before spring is officially here, and we love the combination of pink with classic black and white!

How to Decorate with Pink: Use it as a Neutral

pink office

Photo from Apartment Therapy

When combined with blacks, grays, and whites, touches of pink can add a sense of maturity and relaxation to an otherwise neutral space.  The light pink walls in this office are calming and don’t distract from the other design elements of the room, which is perfect when needing to focus in a home office.


50 shades of pink

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Incorporating any new design element in your home can be a balancing act, and adding the color pink is no exception.  Work with one of our talented designers today to create a room with a touch of pink that you’ll love long after Valentine’s Day has passed.