The Prettiest Ways to Organize Your Stuff

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Published on January 25, 2017

Real talk: have you ever found yourself lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole of immaculately organized homes, wondering how to organize your home in a way that even slightly resembles them? You know the ones — not a piece of clutter in sight, practically no sign of life? Books organized by color, pantries that approach Martha Stewart levels of hyper-organization? Well, dear readers, we’re here to tell you that you can live like that too. All it takes is a little motivation, a bit of decluttering and the right tools to organize a practical, but pretty, space. 

How To Organize Your Home, The Pretty Way

The key to getting organized in your home is to take it in stages. Don’t try to do everything at once, but instead go space-by-space identifying the areas most in need of some TLC. We’ve identified the three places most likely in need of organizing to help you make your Pinterest boards proud.

Organizing your desk

If you’re like us, your desk is the landing place for loose pens, bills and coffee cups. Luckily, there are some simple organization tips to make your desk both pretty and functional.

  1. Think vertically: Wall-mounted organizers are a great way of keeping things organized without taking up too much of your desk space.
  2. Stay clutter-free with a caddy: Organize your writing utensils, sticky notes & other office supplies in a desktop caddy or wall-mounted cups.
  3. Put the papers away: Metal filing cabinets are certainly functional, but they aren’t exactly Pinterest-pretty. Instead, choose something that works with your decor, like a chic set of file drawers or pretty boxes you can stack.
  4. Keep it neutral: Use materials like leather, felt and natural woods for the larger organizational items to keep a classic look that can be mixed with a variety of desk accessories. For some flair, switch out your mousepad or look for colorful pens.

Organizing your closet

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The first step to a beautifully organized closet is to toss those awful wire hangers (or, take them back to your local dry cleaner)! They’re doing no favors for your clothes. Felt or wooden hangers are not only prettier to look at, but are nicer to your seams. For your sweaters, try using shelving. The heavier a sweater is, the more it will stretch out on a typical hanger.

Next, if you’re lucky enough to have a walk in closet, don’t forget to utilize your wall space—Wall mounted hooks can help you organize scarves and bags. If your shoe collection can make a style blogger jealous, look for wall-mounted shelving or bars that help you highlight your collection rather than hide it.

Finally, use your high shelves to store bags and out-of-season clothing to keep your closet floor clear of clutter. Use lidded boxes and small trunks to keep the dust out, and choose a clear acrylic if you’d like to easily know where everything is at a glance. 

Organizing your vanity

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Photo by Katie La Vie
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Your vanity is where you get glammed up, so why not bring in some feminine touches to your organization? Gold, acrylic, and mirrored finishes are an obvious choice for the vanity. Bring in a caddy for makeup brushes and a pretty tray to keep smaller items in one place.

Jewelry stands and boxes keep things organized and stashed safely away. If you want to highlight a special item, a glass shadow box or a pretty tiered marble stand are perfect for framing your prettiest pieces.

Here at Havenly, we know that organization is just as important to a pretty room design as a sofa and matching throw pillows. Our designers are experts at blending form with function, so if you need a little help getting your home organized in style, why not work with a Havenly designer today?