How To Pair Plants and Planters

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Published on April 11, 2017

Greenery is essential to completing any room design, but have you ever picked out the perfect plant, only to let it sit in its black, plastic shell for months because you didn’t know what planter will work with it? Us, too. Nobody wants to see their gorgeous fiddle fig tree stuck with an ugly bottom, so read on for steps to finding the perfect planter for your favorite plants!

Step 1: Identify Your Style

Look around the space where your plant will live. What kind of vibe are you trying to create? Something junaglow style with lush greens and vibrant colors? Or, maybe your space has more of a comfortable, farmhouse mood. Determine the type of atmosphere you’re going for and choose the plant that best helps you create it. Check out our favorite plants for popular styles!


Step 2: Size Matters

Getting the wrong size planter is a common mistake many of us without a green thumb make. If you’re purchasing the plant young, be sure to check out what its growth potential is. Plants that will be tall will grow large roots, and need a planter that is larger to accommodate their growth. Smaller plants will obviously have smaller root systems and need less room. Be sure to check how large your plant will grow as a first step in selecting a planter.

Step 3: Picking Your Planter

Once you’ve determined what plant is going to best help you create the mood you want for your space and you know about how big of a planter you’ll need, the final step is identifying a planter that is going to help you create that vibe. A glam plant in a basket is going to create a completely different look than if that plant was placed in a gold planter! Think of your planter as any other piece of decor you would add to your space. Does it fit the style? Do you want your plant to make a statement? Will it be hidden behind a piece of furniture? Ask yourself each of these questions and choose a planter that brings your style vision to life!


Shop our favorite planters and the plants we’d pair them with.