Havenly Tips And Tricks For Bathroom Styling

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Published on May 6, 2016

Bathrooms can be tricky. They’re the one room in the house that your guests are guaranteed to spend some alone time in. So you want to make a good impression, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Here are some of my tips and tricks to put you on a path to a stylish bathroom.

7 Bathroom Styling Tips & Tricks

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An antique rug, a vintage secretary used for linen storage and a great light fixture will make your bathroom feel like it’s a continuation of the rest of your house. And the answer to your question is “no” – It’s not weird to hang art in your bathroom just as you would in your living room.Treat it as a small living space, and you and your guests will feel right at home.


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This is one of my rules for every room. You know how fashion stylists will tell you to look in the mirror and remove one item before leaving the house? Use this for your bathroom styling as well. You really don’t need five canisters of different goodies sitting out. The essentials are hand soap, cup or toothbrush holder for guests, and a candle. If you have a large space and need some more decor then add sparingly.



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You can never go wrong with adding fresh flowers. It makes a room feel tended to and pretty. It’s something so simple that people rarely think to do incorporate this common decorating method in the bathroom, but it smells and look beautiful. Plus, flowers are a brilliant and efficient way to incorporate color into your bathroom styling. This can serve as your main decor.



This might be a no brainer, but no one wants to see the brown towels that you’ve had for the last twenty years. It’s an expensive upgrade to make. I usually gravitate towards white linens because it reminds me of a hotel, and they are easy to clean with bleach. You can even have a shower curtain or a roman shade made from white terry cloth to compliment the rest of the room and make it feel cohesive.


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When you have that itch to do something different from the rest of your house, the bathroom is a great place to explore your creative side. It’s a small room, so if something goes terribly wrong then it’s not too expensive to fix. Add a vibrant wallpaper or dark paint scheme to make white trim pop. You can add a really unique lighting fixture or mirror to bring drama to the space. This is a room where you can go out of your comfort zone, and you never know, it might really pay off!

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