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When you’re moving into a new space, living room design ideas have the ability to transform a strange new place into a warm and harmonious home. For fashion & lifestyle blogger McKenna Bleu, moving to California meant embracing bright and fun beach vibes, and we couldn’t have been happier to help her get there! Designed in collaboration with Havenly, McKenna’s living room design exudes style with its pastel tones and beach themes. So go on now, let these right design visions warm your spirit.

Living Room Design Ideas From McKenna Bleu

Design With Purpose


Working with Havenly designer Amy F., McKenna was able to dream up a space that incorporated some of her existing items. The pair also worked to carefully discover new furniture, decor and home accessories that compliment McKenna’s design aesthetic – and a generous contribution from Loom Decor made this process a good deal easier. These purposeful design considerations help to set up the room for success. How’s it look?

“Love this concept, Amy! Great pieces and right on track with what I’m looking for!” – McKenna Bleu

Coffee And End Table Styling

Clever living room design idea: Use visual symmetry to balance your space.

Indulge us for a moment while we oversimplify. You see, in living rooms, there are two basic categories: Things you sit on and things you look at. So when you or your guests are plunked down on the sofa, there had better be something gorgeous to gaze at on a coffee or end table. Check out McKenna’s stylings for inspiration!

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Everybody Do The Art Wall!

Breath creativity into your living room design ideas with a gallery art wall.

Art walls are officially a mega trend, and for good reason. They’re a captivating way to imbue your living room with personality. But working with so many individual pieces within the context of a well-designed room can be a headache. Do you start with the art work, with the layout, with a little of both – and how do you incorporate your other living room ideas? There’s not really one simple answer (except for working with a professional interior designer), but there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

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Fab Fabrics Are Your Friends

We love working with fabrics. Unlike other decor that’s relegated to the realm of eye candy type, fabrics are functional in the best way. The perfectly styled throw blanket paired with McKenna’s mixed throw pillow fabrics are make this living room inviting and comfortable. Feel free to cozy up to these living room fabric design ideas.

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Love the feel of McKenna Bleu’s living room? Then you’ll adore the fashion and lifestyle advice she gives at And if these living room design ideas have inspired you to get started on your dream space, there’s a Havenly designer waiting to help design you into a space that’s uniquely yours.