If you can’t make it to London for the holidays, we have the celebration style solution.

More Kate Moss than Kate Middleton

We love the traditional, aristocratic style that’s associated with the UK, and London in particular. But, while we were brainstorming fun new holiday styles, we wanted to break the mold a little bit. Inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s brilliant reimagining of classic British design, and the insurgent energy of the London music scene (I mean, we stole the name from The Clash), we designed a space and collection of decor items we’ve named London Calling.

London Calling is just a little subversive– pairing classic plaids and luxe velvet textiles perfect for a country estate with statement making furniture (that spiked coffee table) and edgier accessories fit for a glam rock superstar. We’ve pulled together our inspiration and favorite products to make this an easy style for you to recreate, even across the pond.

Deep, Dark, and a Little Punk Rock

The perfect foundation for London Calling is the cozy, dark colors evocative of classic British design. Think the dark greens, blues, and reds of tartan. Brass and gold bring some shine into the mix, without losing the warmth necessary for keeping cold northern nights at bay. To inject a little edge to that staid combination, we love glossy black (in accessories or even walls) and plenty of leopard. While it’s not a specifically “holiday” color scheme in the traditional sense, the mix of color and patterns creates a fabulously festive atmosphere. And, if you don’t want to do something drastic (like wallpapering a room in studded plaid), these colors look great against neutrals. They’ll add plenty of pizzazz to a leather sofa or all-white bedroom.

 Celebrate in Style

The holidays are all about entertaining, and this style is totally perfect for hosting anything from a family gathering to a wild new year’s bash. Set the table with tartan placemats but ignore the boring china in favor of bold black dishware. Drape the table with lush pine bows, but sprinkle in a few gold or studded accessories to add visual interest. Spiked ornaments look totally rock and roll on a tree or artfully stacked in a crystal bowl. Use gold flatware instead of silver, and light plenty of candles. If you’re feeling adventurous, try black or red instead of the usual natural beeswax. For floral accents, echo the color scheme with dark reds and greens, the moodier the better. Contrast the drama with classic British treats (think tea time)– shortbread is surprisingly stylish and dipped in chocolate can make a graphic statement.

We’re obsessed with the moody drama that London Calling brings to any celebratory setting. Shop our picks for holiday decor items and stylish larger pieces that will look amazing in your home all year round. Don’t forget to check out our other London Calling entertaining tips, explore our other celebration styles, and take the quiz to make sure you’ve chosen just the right style for your season!

Still need help decking your halls for the holidays? Our designers are here to help. 

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