Low Maintenance: Home Decor That Stops Dirt At The Door

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Published on April 1, 2016

We’ve got a serious case of spring fever and we know you do too. Looking for some great ideas to bring out the freshness of the Spring season? Wouldn’t it be be great if you could minimize the dirt in your home and cut down the time you spend in your home cleaning?

Stop dirt at the door and show it who’s boss. Implement these simple and low maintenance hacks.

Low Maintenance Home Cleaning Hacks

Let The Light Shine

Sunshine, and its ultraviolet rays, will help keep your space fresh by combatting moisture and mildew

There are three things that encourage mold growth: warmth, moisture, darkness. After a house has been closed tight throughout the winter, it’s a good idea to let those lovely ultra violet rays work their magic by minimizing moisture and killing mildew.

Decorate With Air Purifying Plants

Home Hack: Purify your air with a ammonia-absorbing plant!

{Laurie March}

Not only is this Peace Lily a perfect choice to use in a bathroom, it’s also absorbs ammonia and formaldehyde that may be lurking inside your indoor air.  

Stop Mud From Walking In

Stop mud and dirt at the door – literally – with a boot tray.


Boot trays are a wonderful method to discreetly tuck your shoes away. They allow mud to dry and fall off in one place. If you don’t have a mudroom or a defined entry, these trays can help define that area.

Keep Pet Food And Necessities Tucked Away

Keep critters and crawlers at bay with a tidy cat feeder.

{Design Milk}

Pet food can attract ants, roaches and other types of bugs. Many pets eat at various times throughout the day. That can often make it inconvenient to store pet food. Luckily, there are some alternatives. Check out this nifty and minimal automated pet feeding solution!

Get a Robot And Name Her Rosie

Let the robots do the dirt work – we'll worry about the consequences after they revolt.

She may not do everything that the Jetson’s family robot could do, but if you have pets or kids who drag in dirt multiple times a day, we personally recommend a robot vacuum. They’re perfect for those in between cleaning days. And if they ever revolt against us humans, at least everything will be really clean!

Spray Polish On Your Dust Rag, Not Your Furniture

Clean your surfaces by spraying polish on your dust rag, not on the furniture itself.

It may seem like a simple thing, but this could really make a big difference. When polishing furniture with spray polishes, aim at the rag and then apply it to the surface. Moist polishes contain wax and oils that are instant magnets for dust mites and dirt. If those pesky mites are racing to the surface of your furniture, they’re more likely to get rubbed into the grain of the wood.

Lift Window Treatments Off The Floor

Keep your window treatments off the floor to keep them clean. #homehack

Drapes that hang against the wall and hit the ground attract dirt on the surfaces they touch. Very often we forget to clean the walls or woodwork covered by the drapes. As time passes, much can accumulate. Opt for a tight, simple and classic look such as a drape that meets the window sill or a Roman shade.

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Beautiful and functional designs require a close look at your unique lifestyle. We recognize that design choices can significantly affect the way you keep your home clean and orderly. If you need help making your home design life a little easier, start working with your personal Havenly designer!  

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Melissa K.
These decorating tips were carefully crafted by Havenly designer Melissa K., who is a professional interior designer by trade. Melissa enjoys the process of working with clients to develop blissful lifestyles – one room at a time. She is keen on function and effortlessly understands your style, even when you don’t. She’ll help you create a space that you’ll love to call home! Book Melissa today and get decorated!  

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