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We’re always on the lookout for cool brands that provide a cool product for our customers. Lately, we’re loving companies that take away some of the traditionally difficult parts of furniture shopping. Enter Burrow, a start up that’s building the most modular, versatile sofa in the industry.

One of the biggest issues for sofa-purchasers is that while one sofa might work in one space, if you ever move, you risk making your old (and expensive) sofa obsolete. Even worse, moving a sofa can be an ordeal for most city-dwellers. No, I won’t help you move your giant sectional down seven flights of stairs. I just can’t.

Burrow is solving these problems by building sofas that are totally customizable and also modular. You can pick your fabric, armrest height, and cushion style. Then, the sofa is shipped in several smaller boxes, all of which will fit in your elevator. For a renter, it’s pretty much perfect.

Check out this cool video that explains the Burrow Sofa:

Honestly, it’s just really cool and we want one just to put it together in a race against our own coffeemakers. Plus, the burrow sofa is so versatile. If you start with a small apartment sized love seat, you have the option to upgrade to a three-seater or even a sectional by purchasing another section down the road when you move-on-up to a bigger space. Genius! You’ll never have buyer’s remorse again.

If you want to sit-test a burrow before buying, check out their website for the location of their showrooms. Or, just take our word for it: comfy, cool, and totally customizable, this sofa is our new favorite thing.