Your Style On A Diet: How To Have A Minimalist Home

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Published on January 24, 2017

The chance to slim and trim our home is our favorite part about the New Year! The most stylish way to achieve this? Draw from minimalist home designs. Although categorized as a style all its own, any interior can take cues from minimalism.

Implementing a little minimalism in your home can make a smaller space feel larger and make your home feel less chaotic. You can check “get organized” off of your resolution list with the help of the minimalist home style!

How To Have A Minimalist Home With Any Style

Similar to modern design, minimalist home design pays closer attention to function over form. All elements in a minimal space should still make an impact, but the unnecessary extras are eliminated. You won’t see layers or accessories in minimal interiors, but rather a pared down look with just the essentials. Luckily, you can take a few of the common themes in minimalism and apply them to almost any style.

1. Consider No Pillows

Modern Minimal

This can be a scary proposition, but choosing to opt for no pillows lightens the visual weight of your space and allows for your sofa and larger pieces to stand out. Try this if your furniture has a unique shape and deserves to be the star of the show.

Note that this may also make your space feel a little more stark, so adding in additional warm elements like a cozy throw or sheepskin rug will keep it from feeling too rigid.

2. Replace Color With Minimal Patterns

Farmhouse Minimal

Having several colors in a space is a sure-fire way to add movement and liveliness. However, for spaces like bedrooms or reading areas, you might want a more serene and laid back feel. Try a neutral color palette within the same tones and layer on pieces with minimal patterns like stripes or geometrics. The space will still look interesting, but won’t feel overwhelming.

3. Eliminate Pieces, But Focus On Texture

Boho Minimal

At the core of any minimalist home is the elimination of things and pieces that don’t serve a specific purpose. This can be a hard task! Nobody wants their room to look bare, but consider paring down your pieces and amping up the textures of the ones you keep. This will create a room that looks more full, but without the clutter!

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