8 Ways to Style a Minimalist Living Room That Feel Welcoming and Intentional

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on February 6, 2024

If you want to design a space that evokes a sense of calm, a minimalist living room style might be right for you. This aesthetic is all about paring back and embracing the beauty of simplicity — while being intentional with details, decor, and textures. A minimalist living room doesn’t have to look sparse; in fact, with the right approach, it can look perfectly welcoming and warm.

So how can you nail this look? You’ll want to stick to a largely neutral color palette and limit visual clutter like “loud” patterns and statement pieces that might distract from the rest of your interior. Create harmony in your home with pieces that complement one another and work together to make a cohesive look.

And if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to designing a minimalist living room — we’ve got you! Here, Havenly lead designer Kelsey Fischer shares eight design ideas that can help you create a simple and perfectly serene space.

Minimalist living room: Bring in cozy details

Minimalist living room

When it comes to bringing decorative objects into a minimalist living room, the keyword is “deliberate.” A selection of books and a few trinkets help make this interior feel a bit more lived-in and comfortable — but not cluttered.

Minimalist living room: Create a seamless effect

Minimalist living room

A large, deep-seated white sectional makes an ideal spot for lounging in this minimalist living room. Because it blends into the white walls that surround it, the expansive seating option doesn’t overwhelm the space but rather creates a cozy, intimate setting.

Minimalist living room: Play with structure

Minimalist living room

Dynamic shapes and silhouettes can help to make a minimalist space look more elevated and interesting — after all, “minimal” doesn’t have to mean “simple!” The wide, curved legs of the coffee table, the sculptural Jeanneret chair, and the modern ceiling light enhance this pared-back space. 

Minimalist living room: Add contrast

Minimalist living room

A few pops of black can make a big impact in a mostly white space. A small accent chair makes a great focal point, but a few other black details — pendant light, throw blanket, curtain rod, coffee table book — tie it all together.

Minimalist living room: Layer luxurious textiles

Minimalist living room

A cream-colored, hand-knotted area rug lays the perfect foundation for this refined and minimalist living room. Sumptuous beige drapes emphasize the height of this space’s ceiling and bring an element of warmth. And, of course, the deep seats of this white modular sofa make this interior positively inviting.

Minimalist living room: Choose your standout shade

Minimalist living room

A touch of color can brighten up a simple, unstudied space — just look how this light blue sofa brings a sense of ease and liveliness to this minimalist living room. A neutral area rug with just a touch of cool-toned accents makes a great complement.

Minimalist living room: Create cohesion with art

Minimalist living room

Gallery walls may seem more suited to eclectic, maximalist spaces, but it’s all about your approach. As this living room shows, a curated, perfectly aligned black-and-white gallery may be just the thing to take your space to the next level.

Minimalist living room: Incorporate natural textures

Minimalist living room

For more of an organic modern approach to minimalism, turn to natural materials — like wood, jute, sisal, and clay — to bring texture and dimension to a space. Look for unique pieces, like this round-armed chair, and play up your home’s natural architectural details, like the wood-paneled ceiling in this room. They’re a great way to bring a minimal living room down to earth.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski