Alivia’s Modern Bohemian Work & Play Apartment

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on January 10, 2020

Designing freelance photographer and self-proclaimed “wanderer, dreamer, and believer” Alivia Field’s Portland, Oregon, apartment was all about creating a balance between living and workspace that showcased the aesthetics of Fields and her husband. “Our goal was to create a bright and calming workspace that aided both of our styles,” says Alivia, who primarily works from home.

But, if your office is also your home base, you need to design with both functions in mind. Even the busiest freelancer needs a weekend off. The space also can’t be too distracting when on a tight deadline. However, with a flexible schedule, Alivia wanted spaces where she could work distraction-free, even if her husband wasn’t on the clock.

While they come from two different design sensibilities, the pair wanted “a clean space that was easy to move around in and get work done. To have one cohesive space, but also have our own individual bubbles to make it feel homey,” explains Alivia.   

Below, Alivia shares her Design Story, walking Havenly through the process of designing a work and play space for two.

“Home to me is a place to mentally release, which means that it has to be clean and simple,” Alivia says. But, she also wanted the apartment to feel cozy and relaxed. 

The space balances between refined and comfortable with warm accents topping off minimalist designs. Alivia’s minimalist wood bedframe looks clean and cozy with the addition of handcrafted accent pillows.

In the living room, the modern white couch keeps the space serene, but the fun, color-blocked pillows and textured throw make it feel cozy but not cluttered.

Alivia and her husband might have different styles when it comes to design styles but, their mutual love of the outdoors and travel-inspired choices in the apartment, “hence all the plants and airplanes you see.”

The repeated airplane motif on the cabinet reminds the duo of their travels together, and the many plants help create a calming atmosphere—plus, studies show house plants can reduce stress.

Alivia’s goal in designing her home was, “to have one cohesive space, but also have our own individual bubbles to make it feel homey.” For Alivia, that meant creating a space to work from home, but also an area to unwind and relax after calling it quits each evening. 

The work area was designed with her in mind, including bohemian touches such as the rug and fiber art wall hanging. In the corner of the living room, the area’s big enough to work in, but separated enough so that Alivia doesn’t have to stare at her work while unwinding.

Havenly’s interior design quiz helped the duo identify both of their styles, making it easier to decorate the space with the things they love. Using Havenly was “so quick and so fun!” Alivia explains. “We started out with such a messy canvas, and Havenly stripped it down and pieced it back together so nicely!”

Adding the greenery and jute rug gave the living room the bohemian feel Alivia was looking for, and adding the shelving and LED lamps gave the space the clean and modern feel her husband is drawn to.

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Words by Emma Diehl