The Most Popular Paint Colors of 2019

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on December 18, 2019

The time has come once again to look back on the year; what we have accomplished, fond memories, and of course, the most popular paint colors. As we prepare for the new decade ahead and reflect on what 2019 brought, one word comes to mind: Mood.

Though Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 was coral, the most popular paint color trends fell heavily in the category of soothing shades of green. “A green palette can be very versatile and different shades work well with warm or cool palettes,” says Havenly Senior Designer Lyndsi Lee.  “Depending on the shade, it can transform a space into anything from light and airy to dark and moody.”

And transform it does. Pairing a lighter shade of green, perhaps Benjamin Moore’s Crystalline or the aptly-named Healing Aloe (one of Lee’s favorites from this year), with soft whites (think: Chantilly Lace-esque) creates a contemporary, inviting look, no matter the room. Milder shades of green welcome thoughtfulness, reflection, and encourage unwinding, providing a calming effect, whether light or dark. Lee, who feels that the greens are here to stay, also notes that “painting cabinets or furniture in a green hue can definitely lend an unexpected and dramatic pop to the space,” if you’re looking to add some flash to an otherwise monochrome room. The bold Green Bay, another one of Lee’s favorites, is the perfect color for making exactly that kind of statement.

Honorable Mentions for shades of green this year include: Storm Cloud, Dark Olive, Salamander, and Hunter Green.

While greens claimed a large part of the most-chosen paint colors this year, we also saw a trend in striking accent colors. For Havenly Senior Designer Karen Richani, there were many requests for “moody black walls,” in 2019, suggesting a desire for more depth and drama in home design. For those considering a first-time dark accent wall, a softer, more subtle choice would be something along the lines of Black Satin by Benjamin Moore, which is described as “softened just enough so its dramatic beauty comes through in every sheen.” And if you’re unsure how to properly furnish the space, Richani adds, “In general, black, gold, and off-white was and still is a popular color palette.”

And, fusing a shade of green with the boldness of a black will combine relaxing qualities with a space that conveys careful thought and courage. We recommend Black Forest Green, characterized as warm and “permeating any space with a sense of reassurance;” perfect for a study or cozy living room.


Top paint colors 2019

Rounding-out our observations for top paint colors of 2019, we noticed a resurgence in nature-inspired colors, including Ocean Blues and Earthy Neutrals

If you’re feeling blue and want to add a bit of opulence to a room, contrasting Benjamin Moore’s Prussian Blue or Marine Blue with bright whites will deliver a timeless look and peaceful feel. Blue is a great color to play with contrast—whether painting a living room or bedroom blue and using bright white and gold furnishings, or adding finesse to a creamy off-white kitchen with blue accents, it’s color rich in energy that adds life to any space. Richani even reported a large amount of requests for teal, noting that “many clients wanted to see in their rooms teal-colored furniture pieces like sofas, accent chairs or artwork.”

For less of a contrast and a warmer ambience, classics like Blue and Admiral Blue pair well with nature-inspired neutrals like Saybrook Sage and Nature’s Essentials, or Yorkshire Tan and Spanish Olive. The combination of deeper blues with sandier tans can give off a classic, country or coastal vibe depending on the shade, and it serves as a pairing that never goes out of style.

But, if you prefer more desert-oriented naturals in the clay and terra-cotta families, a dining room showcasing a warm, rich Casabella or Terra Mauve is sure to satisfy. These statement colors are perfect for accenting with low-key neutrals like soft blacks, grays, and beiges to really emphasize the richness and warmth of the walls, or to make décor like plants and colorful artwork truly stand out.


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Words by Erica Buehler