After the holiday-season launch of Hearth & Hand, we’re totally obsessed with the new target line’s simple, understated sophistication. So, we were pretty excited to hear that new pieces would be hitting our local Target this month. While everything is pretty drool-worthy, we picked a few of our favorite items so your shopping trip is just a little bit easier. Read on for our top picks from the new collection!

Brass Library Floor Lamp 

This lamp is an elegant classic at a really, really attractive price point. It reminds us of the vintage fixtures in college libraries. But, the clean lines mean the lamp will fit in more contemporary settings, too. Consider it the best of both worlds.

Stoneware X-Pattern Dessert Plate 

The magnolia stoneware dinnerware is gorgeously uneven in a way that makes it seem like you bought it from a potter somewhere in Vermont. The irregular x pattern on this dish is sophisticated, but still reminds us of a sky full of stars.

Embroidered Stripe Table Runner 

Sunny stripes on a linen background make us feel ready for spring, but this runner transitions effortlessly through all seasons. It’s a subtle pattern that combines beautifully with other prints for a layered, eclectic look.

Galvanized House Lantern 

Like an amazing antique-shop find, this lantern has just the right amount of patina to look aged. Filled with eclectic pillar candles, it’ll bring warm light into your house during the darker winter months and will look lovely on your patio in the summer.

Which pieces from Hearth and Hand are your favorite? You can shop the whole collection at your local Target and at Havenly now!