One Bedroom, Two Ways

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Published on April 3, 2017

Every few months, a room can start to feel dated or stale, which usually means that a refresh is in order.  But, who says that a brand new room design has to start with a completely blank slate?  Changing up your look can start with your existing big ticket items while introducing new accent pieces to give you a fresh room design. In this case, we have designed one bedroom, two ways. And, here’s the kicker, we have only changed 5 key components: artwork, lighting, pillows, rug, and accent furniture.

At Havenly, we love crisp white bedding for nearly any look, and you can never go wrong with neutral furniture like dressers, nightstands, and side tables. By keeping your staple pieces like the bed, bedding, and nightstands neutral in both color and style, it’s easy to change the entire vibe of a space just by swapping out your accents and decor.  

Bedroom #1 – Classic Neutrals

In this first bedroom design, we turn to classic neutral colors and natural materials to complete the aesthetic.  The faux fur, bamboo and marble accents, paired with the rattan-back chair are the key components to this design, along with the monochromatic color palette.  What do we love most about this bedroom?  It’s versatile for nearly any season, style, and personality!  You likely have a few great neutral pieces in your home already, and we’d love to show you how to make them feel just like new again.

Bedroom #2 – Preppy Bohemian

This second bedroom design uses the same staple pieces, but achieves a more vibrant, playful, and somewhat trendier design aesthetic. In this bedroom, the colorful rug dictates the bold colors used in the space, and the vibrant colors are enhanced with rich navy velvet accent furniture, gold accents, and pops of bright magenta. Although this style may not be for everyone, it is great inspiration to show that just a few pieces can make a huge impact!

Pro tip: If you’re hoping to re-design your space on a budget, consider keeping your existing artwork frames and pillow inserts. Then, you can purchase new pillow casings and unframed art prints to easily swap into your new design.


Are you ready to transform your own space?  Book a designer today to get started on your own bedroom re-design!