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Published on September 8, 2016

Today we’d like to shine our Designer Spotlight on Ann F. – a Havenly designer who once noted that, “If given the choice of a mansion vs. a one room cottage, I’d take the cottage.”

And we’re not surprised. Ann’s one of those designers that brings a sense of style and ease to every project she collaborates on. Each space she styles becomes unique and elevated. Indeed, we would choose Ann’s one room cottage over a mansion any day.

In addition to being a supremely talented designer, Ann is a frequent contributor to the Havenly blog, where she writes about everything from bathroom styling tips to the battle of east coast and west coast decor. So if you find yourself inspired by Ann’s designs or style musings, you might want to book her today and #GetDecorated!

The Style & Spirit Of Havenly Designer Ann F.

Living Room Blend Of Glam, Classic & Contemporary

Ann knows how to work some pretty spellbinding before and after magic! Her expert touch is clearly seen in this room’s masterfully-balanced patterns and tasteful pops of color.

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Ann's Whimsical Nursery Design


When we learned that Ann was designing a nursery for her very own baby boy, let’s just say we were eager to get a sneak peek into her design process. Luckily for us, she was delighted to share her nursery vision. Check out our interview with Ann on her classic, collected and whimsical nursery project.

Brilliantly Bold Bedroom

This bedroom. Yes. Just yes. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and say it: YAS! Every bold day starts in this bedroom. Want to see more designs like this one? You’re in luck!

Tips & Tricks For Bathroom Styling

Bathroom tips and tricks from Havenly designer Ann F.

Ann understands that bathrooms can be tricky. They’re one room in the house that your guests will likely spend some alone time in – so making a good impression is key. Check out a few of Ann’s tips from Ann’s post on bathroom styling:

  • Make your bathroom feel like a room in your home
  • Take risks
  • Incorporate classic & clean lines

Intrigued? Read the entire article here.

Small Space Questions To Ask Your Designer

From intentionally small dwellings to living small by necessity, knowing how to design a small space requires an expert eye. In this blog post, Ann outlines 7 small space questions you’d be silly not to ask your designer. So read on if you want to know the answer to questions like “What can I do to give the illusion of space?”

Every great room starts with a great designer.

There’s a reason that finding your dream designer is step #1 in the Havenly design process. It’s because every great room starts with a great designer. On top of providing the design expertise needed to craft a truly stunning space, your Havenly designer guides the collaborative design process. They help you design a space that’s not simply a beautiful room – but a beautiful room that you helped to design.

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Ann F.

Hailing from Chattanooga, Ann loves to style classic, eclectic and transitional rooms, and feedback from her customers tends to look something like this: “OMG I am obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to choose. I love everything. ” Love Ann’s style? Book her today and #GetDecorated!

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