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Published on October 18, 2016

There’s something special about getting to know an interior designer. It’s impossible to separate personality from the process of design, so it’s always interesting when those personalities start to shine through.

For instance, if you track down Havenly designer Jordan E. on any given day, you’re just as likely to find her brewing beer or making cheese as you are to find her mixing palettes and patterns. And it’s these real-world passions and experiences that inform much of a designer’s decorating considerations.

So when you ask Jordan how she feels about Contemporary, Eclectic or Mid-Mod styles (some of her favorites), she’ll probably tell you how each of those styles might impact your life and fit with your personality, not just how they’ll look!

Meet Havenly Designer Jordan E.


Jordan E.
[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]A beer brewing and cheese making enthusiast, Jordan loves to design Transitional, Eclectic and Mid-Century Modern spaces. We adore Jordan’s work – check out her design projects, product roundups and Pin-worthy selections below![/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Havenly Project: Amanda M.

Amanda already owned the large, plush sectional but felt her other pieces lacked personality and her current styling preferences. Wanting a mix of feminine and masculine elements – pastels, leather and metal – so Jordan set about creating a space to reflect her love of industrial chic decor.

After concept delivery:
“Hi Jordan! I am definitely going to take my time to look through these concepts and rate the furniture, etc, but I wanted to send a quick message to say that I LOVE THEM! You are definitely making the decision-making process hard on me (but in such a good way). I will definitely need time to digest both concepts because at this point I want it all. But sadly my room is only so big. I can’t wait to see the final room rendering. Thank you so much for these beautiful concepts!!!! I will do my best to get back to you in the next couple of days.”

After design delivery:
“Hi Jordan! Thank you so much for the beautiful design! I love it!! I can’t wait to get all the pieces put together. I ended up ordering pretty much everything. Ha! Thank you again. This was a fun process and I am hopeful that this will become a space that we will all enjoy.”

By Jordan E.: Home Decor Inspired By Morocco


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Pattern and texture and color, oh my! Jordan’s roundup of Moroccan decor evokes visions of rich hues, lush textiles and interiors so decadent they should go straight to your hips. Click here to read the full article and see Jordan’s entire Moroccan decor roundup.

Havenly Project: Yolyvee R.

Yolyvee just purchased a new home and was starting from scratch with her decor. Eager to start designing, she desired a chic space drenched in her love of blues, golds and neutral elements. A luxe blue velvet sectional with brass legs instantly came to Jordan’s mind and she created an uber glamorous, unique and comfortable living room around it!

After concept delivery:
“Jordan, I love the concepts! You really nailed my style and brought it to life in those pictures. I absolutely love concept #1. It’s right on point and with a few edits we will be right on track. Thank you, you’ve made this process super easy for me!!”

After design delivery:
“Eeeek!!!!!! I love it! Absolutely love it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

Havenly Project: Jacqueline B.

Jacqui and Lucas wanted to create a modern and natural retreat in their California master bedroom. Working with their gorgeous existing wood furniture, Jordan layered interesting elements – rattan, woven art, plants and a mix of patterns – to produce the beachy boho vibe they were after.

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After design delivery:
“We REALLY REALLY like it! Very cool!”

Jordan's Pin-Worthy Photos

A bliss worthy living room bar cart

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Havenly: A Retro Glam Hawaiian Hula Hut

Faye’s Brilliant & Bubbly Design Story

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Jordan E.
Crushing on Jordan’s style? She’s only a few clicks away from being your home design buddy, so go ahead: book her today and Get Decorated.

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