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Published on August 23, 2016

Okay, okay. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy these celebrities some pretty awesome interiors! And pictures of well-designed spaces sure do make us happy. So, in a way, maybe other people’s money can buy us happiness?

Crooked logic aside, these celebrity-inspired tips should help you get your home Hollywood ready on any budget!

Stunning Celebrity Interiors

Zoe Knows

There is definitely a trick or two to be learned from taking a peak inside Rachel Zoe’s gorgeous Beverly Hills home! The first is from her keen sense of furniture placement. One of the most challenging issues surrounding layout is how to design an oversized space. Some of the most challenging issues with designing in an oversized space include:

  • Where to place the rug/rugs
  • How and where to add in seating areas
  • Where to align light fixtures

Zoe tackles this challenge beautifully and can offer some killer layout advice that can be applied to your own space (at no cost at all!) Lessons learned form Zoe’s style:

{The Zoe Report}

1.) Don’t limit yourself by centering your rug under the bed. By placing a rug between the bed and the seating area, you unite the two groupings to form one cohesive unit-plus who wants to splurge on two rugs when you can just use one?!

{The Zoe Report}

2.) Keep it simple. Just because you have a large room does not mean that the answer is filling it with extra furniture! Let the purpose of the room remain the focus, and don’t worry about filling the space from corner to corner. Zoe keeps it simple, and we know she has plenty of square footage to work with!

There's Something About Cameron

If you take one tip from Cameron Diaz’s stunning New York home (and there are plenty of pointers to be taken!) it should be that metals are always in style! Metals have been used since ancient Mesopotamia! Why would they bother to go out of style now?

Wether you choose to go bold like Cameron and plaster metallics on your walls and ceilings or simply add in a few brass accents, your space should definitely be taking note of this ancient-made-modern pointer! Find your metal design inspiration!

The Fantastic Four (Patterns)

If you didn’t already know by watching her on the red carpet, Jessica Alba is a pattern wizard! This love is carried into her Beverly Hills home. To achieve her signature look, aim for four different patterns in your space. One solid, one geometric, one global, and one funky print! The combination rarely fails.

For first timers, focus on keeping the colors complimentary to bring a sense of unity to the design; or, if Jessica Alba is your style icon, go for a bolder look by mixing pattern and color. Blend cool tone and warm tone prints to make things extra interesting!

The Newlyweds

Perhaps the biggest question from homeowners regarding designing their space is how to create a concept that appeals to both sexes equally. Take a look inside John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s California stunner to see an example in action!

Achieving a gender neutral space is all about balance – essentially tricking your guests as to who lives there. Mix masculine-lined pieces with feminine texture. Or use a masculine color scheme on an overdone bed. A relationship is like a see-saw, make sure your space isn’t stuck on the ground! For more info on walking this particular design line, check out our article on mixing feminine and masculine aestheticsYou don’t need a movie star’s salary to get your dream home! Reserve a Havenly room-redo today!

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Kyler K.
These celeb-inspired home design tips were carefully curated by Havenly designer Kyler K., who loves working with eclectic design – drawing influences from boho, mid-century and industrial styles. Every project is like a puzzle, and no two will ever turn out the same! Solve your design puzzle with Kyler!

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Featured image courtesy of My Domaine.