Our Favorite Houseplants Right Now

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Published on April 10, 2017

Let’s take a moment to talk about houseplants. We’re not going to say that this is the “year of the plant” (even though Pantone’s Color of the Year is ‘Greenery’). It’s not like plants are a new thing. But we will say we’ve been seeing a lot of Saturday afternoon Instagram stories taking place at the nursery. Let’s be honest–it’s become cooler than ever to be a plant owner. And once you start, it’s hard to stop. Since we want to make sure you’re going down the right path as a plant parent, we have rounded up some of our favorite house plants of the moment.

The Succulent:

Hens and Chicks are a favorite because they come in so many varieties of color (from deep green to pale blue to purple) and their rosette-like shape pairs nicely with other succulents and small plants.

Great for: a collection of small plants

Photo via The Sill 

The Air Plant:

You’ll seem really, very cool with a Tillandsia sitting on a shelf or amongst a vignette with cute and charming tchotchke. These are obviously easy to care for since they aren’t planted in soil–just soak them in water for an hour or two, every few days.

Great for: Bathroom or Kitchen (needs humidity and indirect light)


The Tall Plant:

The Monstera is large enough to design a room around with these big, tropical leaves. It grows to take up a lot of space so it’s great for a corner of a room. And, it’s a great conversation starter because it’s odd holes give it the nickname “Swiss Cheese Plant”. We also love to trim a leaf or two and stand them in a glass vase.

Great for: A simple room in need of a bold, graphic element; someone willing to put time into caring for a plant


The Fashionable Plant:

Fiddle Leaf Fig (known by fancier people as a “Ficus”) has big, statement-making leaves. Its vibrant green and leaves possess a sheen, catching the light just right–as we’d expect from any fashionable plant.

Great for: The living room, next to a couch; in the corner of a room (preferably by the window)


The Easiest-to-Care-For Plant:

Golden Pothos grows quickly so you’ll reap the plant-parenting benefits rather quickly. This one grows vines with large leaves on it, too, which makes it a great mantel piece or book shelf addition because its vines take up more space that you’d think.

Great for: a first-time plant buyer


Share pictures of your spring plants and tag @thehavenly on Instagram. We’d love to see what plants you’re parenting these days. And, just because, here is a great song to re-pot to.