The outdoor entertaining season is soon approaching— lucky you, you’ll be hosting one of these events! You’re really excited, but also quite frantic about all the details that need to be planned to make sure your guests have a great time!

The novelty about outdoor entertaining is that it feels effortless and relaxing. For the host, it’s even supposed to be less maintenance! But let’s get real, behind the scenes, the host is just as crazed as ever, if not more…

Before, you get caught up with the nitty gritty of what food you’re serving, what DIY decor you’ll be making, how you’re going to keep the bugs away, or what method is the best for clean-up; we want to encourage you to take a step back and breathe.

Ask yourself one question. “What would my Havenly designer do?”

She’d start with communication. Design is a language, so get the conversation going. 

When it comes to planning your entertaining space, you’ll want to make sure you’re communicating sincerity to your guests. Here are some ideas as to how you can “translate” what you really want them to know. Make sure you do this even before you get caught up with what outdoor rugs and planters you should be buying.


“Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!”

Your patio should say “Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here”

{Style By Emily Henderson}

You want to make sure that your guest feels welcome, right? So make sure you take the time to plan and organize your entertaining area. Much like you would be thinking about your living room, think about what the function of your entertaining space will be. What will your guests will be doing? Will you have a designated table for all to gather in one place to eat or will they be eating on their laps more casually? Make sure there are areas for guests to put their drink down comfortably without worrying about dripping BBQ sauce on their clothing.

Let your guest conjure their next witticism in a relax zone.

{Style Me Pretty}

When you think things through in this manner, you’ll begin to generate a list of items you’ll need for the space. Remember that a thought-out space translates to a welcoming space.


“Feel free to make friends and mingle.”

[df_row][col-md-6]Everyone loves a host who wants you to "Feel free to make friends and mingle!”"[/col-md-6][col-md-6_last]outdoor-patio-pillows[/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

Often times, the host is the only common thread between all guests. As a host, you can’t be everywhere at once, but you can certainly encourage conversation among guests who may not know one another.

Creating various conversational areas that are conducive to smaller groups is a wonderful way of encouraging others to talk. This makes guests feel cozy and more relaxed, even before the sun sets and the good times start to roll. 


“Take your shoes off, relax, and stay a while.”

Is it a back yard party or a night you'll fondly remember. Fire pit for the latter.

{Better Homes & Gardens}

Good hosts are always strategically on the move. On one hand, you want to be accommodating to your guests and make them feel served, however, if you’re too busy, guests will offer to help share the burden.  

One way avoid the bobble-headed host syndrome is to anticipate some of your guests’ needs. 

Make the good stuff readily accessible. 

For example, make sure there is space to set a basket of blankets next to the seating areas. If someone gets a little cooler, they can find a blanket by themselves. This is likely to happen during the later hours of the night and it communicates to your guests that they are welcome to stay late.

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We hope that you have found these ideas insightful. If you need to revamp your outdoor space and require more ideas for your own outdoor entertaining area, work with a Havenly designer and get started today!

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Melissa K.
These outdoor decorating tips tips were written by Havenly designer Melissa K., who loves the process of working with clients to develop blissful lifestyles – one room at a time. She is keen on function and has the ability to effortlessly understand your style. She’ll help you create a space that you’ll love to call home! Book Melissa today and get decorated!  

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