While we curated a list of Desert Daydream products that channel a warm weather festive vibe perfect for Palm Springs, we definitely have favorites. So, we’ve featured our very favorite items here, just for you!

Flash Small Mint Glass Tree

A take on the Christmas tree that’s totally in tune with Palm Springs’ midcentury style, this ornament is an elegant touch to any space.

Bird Ornament

A holiday that celebrates whimsy is our favorite. Decorate your tree with this tropical companion, or just use him in a centerpiece or hanging from a garland.

Brass Menorah

This beautiful piece is sculptural and draws inspiration from the functionalism of midcentury design. It’s unique and makes a big impact wherever it’s placed.

Dobra Highball Glass 

This bold glass is fun empty, but add a brightly colored drink and your table is suddenly graced with a glass that resembles a beautiful sunset. This glass is fun and fresh.

Floret Occasional Chair

A chair that has it all– mixed patterns, piping, tropical plants! It’s a fabulous statement piece that will elevate simple spaces into the sublime. Don’t let the pattern scare you- this chair is a showstopper.


For more Desert Daydream products, don’t forget to shop our list of perfectly curated decor! And, if entertaining inspiration is what you need, we’ve curated drinks and a playlist that’ll complement your celebration style perfectly. Cheers!

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