Trend Report: Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

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Published on November 7, 2016

The current trend we’ve got our eye on? Lighting fixtures so striking that they’re works of art unto themselves.

Sculptural lighting fixtures are making a play in the form of chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps. Interesting shapes, colors and materials have elevated the basic function to be much more than just a simple light source.

Illuminating Art

Chandeliers are sculptural by nature, but we’ve watched as all other lighting fixtures have taken on bold new shapes and looks, too. This trend inspires us to make the most of every single aspect of a design. Just because you need a lamp on your bedside table doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful, sculptural piece that can stand alone as a work of art.


Sebastian Erras

This is a trend that works across various styles. For the modern minimalist, this is the perfect way to add a lighting fixture that simultaneously acts as art. For the eclectic soul, there are beautiful ceramic options, actually made by artists. For the space with high ceilings, a large-scale, sculptural chandelier is a way to fill that massive empty space with something both stylish and functional.

We promise, this is a trend worth noticing. The lighting fixtures throughout your space are the “jewelry” of your room, don’t overlook the potential to incorporate interesting shapes and styles. Any lighting fixture – lamp, chandelier or sconce–is a chance to dress up your space with something unique and interesting. Consider what type of sculptural fixture best works within your space and let there be (striking, sculptural) light!

Sculptural Lighting We Adore


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Featured image courtesy of Sebastian Erras.