7 Small Space Questions To Ask Your Interior Designer

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Published on May 4, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, small homes are a big deal these days. From the necessity of living in small apartments to the intentional downsizing of the spaces we live in, knowing how to design a small space is more important than ever. So when you find yourself with a chance to ask a designer about small space design, be prepared with these 7 must-ask questions.

Small Space Design Idea Questions

1. Where Can I Add Storage?



In small spaces, you might not have a lot of floor space, so it’s important to look at your vertical space. You can add decorative shelves to the wall to display more decorative items, or you can add wall cabinets for more practical storage purposes.

2. Are Closet Organizer A Good Idea?



Yes and no. You should assess what you have before adding a closet organizer. If you have a lot of long dresses or suits, you will want a high hanging bar as well as shelving and drawers. If you have a lot of shirts to hang, then you can do two hanging bars. Some people add closet organizers that end up taking up more room than you have to work with leaving your storage space smaller. A shoe organizer that can hang on the back of the closet door will be very useful and remove shoes from the hallway. You can also store scarves and little accessories as needed.

3. Where Will My Guests Sit?



Poufs and stools are the best way to maximize seating in a small space. They can be tucked under coffee or console tables when not in use, and they can be brought out when guests arrive to ensure everything has a comfortable place to hang out.

4. Where Do You Store Extra Linens Or Blankets?


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Baskets are great for story extra linens, pillows and throw blankets. You can tuck these into any corner, and they become stylish as well as functional decor.

5. Is Open Or Floating Shelving A Good Option?


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You’ve seen it on all the popular blogs, and in all of the beautiful pins on Pinterest. The truth is, if you aren’t extremely neat and tidy, and if all of your dishes don’t match or coordinate with one another, then this is not a good option for you. The space will become visually cluttered making a small space feel messy and unkempt.

6. What Can I do To Give The Illusion Of More Space?


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Mirrors and lighting! Mirrors will reflect natural light around a room, and table or floor lamps will brighten a space as well making it feel light, airy and larger.

7. What Is The Best Multi-Purpose Piece Of Furniture?


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A coffee table with storage will provide you with the most benefits when it comes to functional use and storage. A coffee table can be used to store electronics, books or even a blanket. The coffee table can serve as an ottoman, a desk or a dining table, so this one piece would be worth the investment in a small space.

Small Space, Big Rewards

Small space living can be really rewarding, and it can afford you the opportunities to live a more full life. If you live in a small space that feels more like a shoebox than a sanctuary, ask one of our professional designers to help you optimize your small space.

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Ann F.

This small space Q&A was created for you by Havenly designer Ann F., who loves designing Contemporary and Classic spaces that are cozy and welcoming. She’s also pretty darn skilled at designing for small space living! If you like Ann’s style, book her today and get decorated!

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