CB2 has always been a Havenly-favorite retailer (surprise, surprise) and we’re sure it’s also no surprise that we’re in love with CB2’s new line. Their recent product releases last week brought our love affair to a new level. In fact, you should have seen us huddled around our Head of Design, Shelby’s, computer screen to “ooh-ing” and “ahhh-ing” at our favorites.

A Blast From The Past

CB2 stays true to its modern aesthetic and clean lines in these new products, only kicked up a notch. We imagine that their designers were transported back to the 70’s where they cooked up their latest wares from a swingin’ lounge! And, that’s completely ok with us.

Image via CB2

Built With Flair

The stars of this new line are by far the materials. Highlights include plush velvets (in copper and blush, nonetheless), to bone accents, macrame, rattan and brass. These pieces are quite literally a party waiting to happen.

Image via CB2

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love them as much as we do. Shop our favorites right here.

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