Time to Bring the Tailgate Indoors

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Published on September 18, 2017

(Alternate title:  How to transform your home for football season without turning your whole home into a “man cave”)

Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time for everyone’s favorite season:  football season!  Whether you’re a diehard college gameday follower, have a favorite Super Bowl-winning pro team, or maybe you just want an excuse to munch on your favorite tailgate snacks with the crew, now is the time to make sure your home is indoor-tailgate ready.  Start by incorporating plenty of comfortable seating, set up a totally stocked food and drink spread, and maybe pull in an accent of your team’s colors for good measure.  We’ve included a few of our favorite picks here to make sure you’re ready before kick-off!

Best Seat in the House

Even if you don’t sit down to watch every single play, you and all of your guests should feel like you’re sitting right on the 50-yard line with optimal football viewing seats.  We love a warm, cozy room with rich textured upholstery with cooler temps upon us.  Think “pigskin” leather chairs, cozy velvet pillows, and anything else that invokes the feelings of autumn.  Throw in a snuggly fur throw or two and you can count on your guests to be back every Sunday!   And, get cozy, because the game is just getting started.

Bring your (Hostess) “A-game”

With every game day comes the need for endless finger foods and drinks to keep you going strong for all four quarters.  Chili cook-offs are in their prime, craft beers are flowing, and all you need is the right barware and serviceware to make sure your hosting game lives up to its full potential.  You can’t go wrong with classic white dinnerware and accenting with your favorite team colors in glassware, table runners, and even a colorful floral arrangement.  (What? We had to pull in a feminine touch somewhere!)  Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be the #1 draft pick to host football Sundays this season.

Set the Scene

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk tabletop decor.  No snack spread is complete without the right decor to go with it, and you really can’t go wrong with a classic table runner that runs from end zone to end zone (we had to sneak just one more football pun), tall vases or candlesticks, and we love the idea of using vintage trophies as decorative accents.  Try to stay away from decor and accessories that feel too cliche, but still work with your existing decor so that you can use them throughout the year. Everyone’s second favorite season is just around the corner, after all… basketball season, right?

Who needs Fantasy Football when prepping for weekend football get-togethers is just as fun? Are you ready for the games this weekend?  Let our designers help your home look like the #1 draft pick.