Trend Alert: Mustard Yellow is Everywhere

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on September 13, 2017

Here at Havenly, there’s no doubt we love that very particular shade of pale blush pink. You’ve probably seen it, well, everywhere. It’s on walls, makeup packaging, our logo (!), and it’s even been the subject of several think pieces. While we’re definitely in favor of so-called millennial pink sticking around for a while, there’s a new color on the block that’s making us take notice.

Think fall leaves, saffron, and marigold. Think sandy, sun-drenched desert hues. Think Beyonce in Lemonade. This color of the moment? Man Repeller calls it “Gen-Z Yellow”, Pantone calls it Spicy Mustard, and we’re noticing it all over trendy interiors.

I know what you’re thinking. Mustard yellow? Really? But I’m convinced mustard is the antidote to years of pastel based trends for those of us who look like death warmed over in nudes and blushes. As it is, I’m sitting here writing this piece drinking out of a mustard yellow mug while my boss is wearing a fabulous chunky mustard yellow sweater. So, whether or not this is selfishly motivated, I’ve pulled together some decor inspiration so you can incorporate the season’s hottest hue into your home.

Go Big

If you’re feeling bold, try a statement piece like this luscious mustard velvet sofa. While a trendy color might seem bold for a big investment piece, the saying “high risk, high reward” rings true. A bright color statement piece will draw the eye and start conversations about your uber-cool taste. Plus, it’ll look amazing with neutral pieces and earthy elements like metal and wood.

Small Accents

Image via Pinterest

If a major investment piece isn’t in the cards (or the budget), try accent pieces like pillows and accessories. I love to mix in new pieces, and accessories are the easiest way to switch things up without breaking the bank. Try mustard in a pattern or with great textural elements. I’m also loving art that incorporates the color. It’ll really warm up your space and can contrast beautifully with cooler tones, or pair with warm jewel shades to create an even cozier feel.

Natural Beauty

Image via Pinterest

Mustard, while bright, is beautifully present in nature, particularly in the fall. Here in Colorado, aspen groves bring bright gold to the mountains and always leave me feeling inspired. Why not incorporate mustard yellow with natural elements? Forsythia is tall and sculptural and would look beautiful on a mantle. Chrysanthemums and Zinnias are cheerful and work as a single bloom or in a riotous arrangement on the dining table.

Obviously, I’m leaning into the yellow trend this fall. While not everyone needs all yellow all the time (what can I say, I’m a sucker for the sunshine), it’s easy to bring small accents into your home that will add warmth to your space as cooler weather arrives.

Don’t forget– if you need help incorporating mustard (or any other color) into your space, our designers can answer your design dilemmas for free – right now